To Forget or Not, Tis the Question

Q&A a Day: What do you want to forget? Times when people were mean to me, but to remember the lessons learned from the situations. I forget enough that I want to work on increasing my memory or remain busy filling it with new ideas, dreams, and goals.


pre super blue blood moon sunset

As this semester starts, I need to set three smart goals to accomplish during my internship. I’m having trouble as I continue to get more opportunities than I thought I would. I’m not complaining and appreciate the learning experience and know these moments will set me up for future success.

I have a sub for the first month of classes while the professor is on maternity leave and he released us an hour early today from my Special Populations class. This allowed me to get to the elementary school early and assist with the kindergarten mid-term. I did the second-third grade class solo while the boss was in a meeting and the new intern helping the other guy with the first graders.


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