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Blanket or Mountain

Q&A a Day: Are you seeking security or adventure? Both; I want to be secure in my body, choices, and finances; and adventurous with my body, mind, and choices. I ventured in the yard this morning to pull weeds, a … Continue reading

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Yoga Personal Practice Project

Q&A a Day: Can people change? Yes, but it’s a matter of replacing habits. I was assigned a 21-day challenge to practice two yoga poses and to set two short-term and long-term goals and keep track of my progress. I … Continue reading

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Mosaic Morning and Late Night Laundry

The alarm went off and I laid back down for just a moment. I knew that if I went back to sleep I could wake up late and throw off our timing for picking up dinar and Priya – a … Continue reading

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Senior Graduation Poetry

I recently got invited to my ten-year high school reunion in Texas that is in the planning stages for next year. Holy wow! I may feel like the years have gone by, but I’ve got lots of good memories to … Continue reading

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Caleb’s Biking Action

(As told by Caleb) Our neighbor has an amazing backyard full of treasures and surprises. One of which was a 1981 Nishiki International Road Bike. The bike (not the frame) was corroded beyond belief and had spiders and cobwebs all … Continue reading

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