As Is The Custom


Q&A: What should remain as-is? To answer simply, nothing. Life is built on growth and change. It’s what separates the days and memories from blurring into one. I’m editing old posts and adding backdated ones and wonder if some should go unposted for their show of monotony, but for some reason, I felt the need to write them. So up they go with a picture I can find that relates to the story… or it’s just another dog or food photo.

What made today different? I dropped off to a different Goodwill (and my neighbor Claire approved of the process). Sparky wiped his nose (at least that’s what it looked like) on the sheets, so they got washed. He also chewed on a bone and loosened his gum growth, so I put sugar on that when it started to bleed. I wrote a colleague asking for a job referral that she offered since my situation is left in uncertainty.

What made today the same? I had three meals and a snack. I talked with my husband and my father. I walked Sparky twice and enjoyed the cloudy sunset, even if it is too early. I cleaned up (or rearranged things making them harder to find but nicer to look at) and watched Ryan, the neighbor, play with Sparky and his turtle. I set out to do one thing and got easily distracted by another but eventually got them both done.

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