Breakfast Backyard

Q&A: Today you made: food, holes, weeds, and dirt disappear.


I made Caleb happy by waking up when he returned with Sparky from their early morning walk in the fog since the dog didn’t want to sleep. Caleb chose the Breakfast Republic in Liberty Station for our dining option near the airport so we could use 30-minute parking for almost an hour to try the peach chai kombucha and the house-made cold brew coffee with our food at a table near the door in 59* weather.


Instagram ready — mushroom benny

I take the ice from my flavored drink and put it in my water because it feels like my gums are burning. I think straws and ice should be optional in all drinks. Caleb says his coffee tastes burnt, but that he likes the coffee ice cubes so his caffeine doesn’t get watered down. Cooking tastier, and cheaper, meals at home often makes us more critical of what we eat in a restaurant.


being cocky

My pesto could’ve had more garlic and my muffin been more toasted, but we agreed that their ketchup with no added sugar and a little spicy touch was delicious. I feel bad leaving potatoes on my plate but I know they won’t be good later. We leave as the line gets longer so it’s a good thing we got there near opening time. I drop Caleb off for his flight to Alabama and go home to work in the yard in flip-flops.


I clean up the termite infested wood, rake up tree parts, fill in gopher holes, pull up weeds, and spray the dirt off the driveway — with an intermission from Russ, a friend from the gym, who was on his way to 7-Eleven. We talked a while and I got to see his swap meet haul while I stood there with a broom in hand. Back to the yard and I leave the palm uncut, the bench unsanded, and the lounger cover unwashed.


when he sets his best friend up to watch him sleep

I walk Sparky in my dusty clothes and dirty feet. After my shower, we can play with his turtle in-between me cleaning and reading while my computer updates. Caleb lands without issue as the sun is long gone by 5:30 and the fog setting in thick. I will spend the evening in shorts and wool socks writing, editing, reading, and sipping on charred ginger syrup from Dallas, Texas.

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