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Who’s That Guy?

He’s the professor who talks about salamanders in Kinesiology. He’s the old man who kindly asks about my foot in the gym. He’s the husband that will agree to go for burgers, every time. He’s the boss who’s constantly learning … Continue reading

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What is Grief?

Grief is waking up in tears at the thought of another day without her and thinking about the last car accident when you were with her. Grief is sobbing in public and trying to catch the snot with your short … Continue reading

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A Group of Guys in Gray

You longed for the lines of a limerick With all the wishes of a wanted wick Alliteration was all you could ask for While I was wanting something more Perhaps a pickled Perry I’d pick

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Reading In A Month

1. Breaking the Maya Code by Michael Coe I had previously read part of this book and was able to reread it. There were, and still are, a lot of people involved in the deciphering of the Mayan language via … Continue reading

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My Version of Caleb’s Message in a Bottle

I love the way you take charge Lurking in the engine room, in the dark Overpowering me for our first kiss Vehemently taking my breath Every moment of each day since You have a beauty that can’t be met Overtures … Continue reading

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