Here’s to Another Dozen


Here’s to the man who has known me for 15 years and has always loved me the most,

who is not afraid to see me or scared that I’ll get boring, and always supports me,

who is willing to try new things and watch me grow as we both change,

who has carried me the furthest and held me the longest,

who stays up to listen to me laugh, cry, or mumble till we both fall asleep,

who kisses my tears and wipes my snot and reminds me why to smile,

who has held my heart and fought to protect it by using his own,

the man I miss the moment he walks out the door, he could be gone for months or more.

Marriage is a dance that requires daily effort and attention,

every day is a tiny celebration that builds on the lasting love that we have made.

You always put me first and though as the years go by,

the types of anniversaries we share grow,

our love is what remains.

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2 Responses to Here’s to Another Dozen

  1. Thank you. I look forward to what our future brings.


  2. Well said, young grasshopper. Pam & I have been together for 20 years (since 2000) – you’ve captured The Path Walked Together very well. Congratulations – here’s to growing old together…


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