Holding Small Things

Q&A: When did you last hold a baby? The youngest child I’ve held in the last year turned three in September before he moved across the US to Florida.


I bought plane tickets to Florida today so I can go diving for three days in Clearwater with Caleb in a few weeks and use his hotel points from work to upgrade our stay.

We picked up other Kaleb, a fellow chief who worked with Caleb, who is in port this weekend and took him for a bacon flight and drunken drama downtown. The bacon comes on a cutting board in the shape of a pig and the drunks stumbled back and forth, falling into the street from scooters, a bike, and each other until they made it across to wait for the party bus; not the police that showed up.

We all ordered something to eat, but I was having trouble deciding from the brunch menu so I asked the waitress to help me choose between two dishes. She told me that, “well, one is healthy and the other is not.” I obviously went with the healthy option though I’d have chosen the latter one had she said healthy versus delicious.

The Deftones are performing tonight and we found this out after trying to park in a nearby lot and being asked to pay $35. We found street parking four car lengths away for $1.35 for two hours. We would finish our restaurant shenanigans after moving tables towards more shade and then wait for one of Kaleb’s coworkers to walk up so we could deliver them to a friend’s house for the evening.

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1 Response to Holding Small Things

  1. Chester Hendrix says:

    Yesterday – when I got to hold Baby Carter, the youngest of the grandchildren. They all love to be held by Pop, and Pop loves to hold them. Thanks for asking!


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