Just Keep Pedaling

Three thousand miles is a hefty goal to set when you know you will be moving, traveling, and getting adjusted to your new home. I set the goal none the less and am still working hard to meet it. I have to remember that my bike doesn’t always have to be just a mode of transportation to work or school, it can also be fun for exploring around town or for building up endurance while riding into the wind.

Riding my bike also gives me a reason to use my GoPro. I realize now how humid it really is in southern California. After 20 minutes of filming a fog appears over the center of my lens cover and blurs out my image. I have it stuffed safely in its waterproof case. This is fine for when I’m near the ocean with cold water and cool breezes, but on 80 degree days riding past standing water and exhaust fumes it’s not long before my camera gets too hot.

I ordered a skeleton case (holes for cable attachment and better air circulation) for my next ride and some anti-fog inserts for humid conditions. I replaced my yarn helmet attachment with an official GoPro Vented Helmet Strap Mount. I’m looking forward to the videos to be made as I continue to explore with different tools, angles, and settings. Below are some photos from the foggy video – before the fog set in.

me and my shadow waiting at the red light

Bayshore Bikeway – between marsh and suburbia

short red bridge over the marsh

sees my helmet GoPro as I notice his wrist GoPro

RV’ers enjoying free rent in the shade

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