Create: To Be the Cause Of

just the beginning

After reading the ‘easy to follow instructions’ I will begin to create my version of this counted cross stitch creation. I was to use two threads, but used one twice instead. Pictured above is back-stitch – make a stitch (colored thread appear between two holes in the fabric) and then insert needle into the same hole as the previous stitch for the next.

the outline

I finished one piece of blue thread and moved on to another color. It took two pieces of black thread to complete the outline. I had to pull the thread slowly as it has a tendency to knot so tight that the needle could not undo it. Then I continued either pulling knots through the fabric or cutting it and restarting on the next stitch. The outline is also done in back-stitch. The heart is cross stitch – make angled loops one way and then cross them on the way back across the pattern. I instead did both loops on each stitch as I went.

filling with color

halfway done

I wish the thread-makers would have lengthened the thread by an inch or two. Many times (the F, the heart, the blue collar) I would need 4-22 stitches more and it was knotting a new thread to the needle that was the most difficult. The designer gave me enough fabric to not worry about counting stitches, go with my design, use all the thread, and still have enough room for all the mistakes I made – though I did try counting.

complete cross stitch creation

The eyes are of my design. I couldn’t grasp the french knot concept – bring thread up, twist, and put back down the same hole. I attempted a back/cross stitch going through unmade holes in the fabric to have small eyes instead of X’s making them look dead. Three evenings later and my project is done. Now I can attach it to the hanger that was included with some tape or perhaps a bow-shaped stitch.

Question of the Day: What have you created lately?


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1 Response to Create: To Be the Cause Of

  1. Caleb Aldridge says:

    Part of a scarf (while you almost finished your scarf and did this project) cuz we are awesome!


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