Writer’s Workshop: Words of Yearbook Past

yearbook photo - 2001

yearbook photo – 2001

4.)  Dig out your high school yearbook and share a message a friend wrote that stands out to you. – A writing prompt from Mama’s Losin It!

I couldn’t pick just one.

Hey Jessica, Don’t forget that you are supposed to send me a hottie from the Navy for Christmas. Tell him I have been a good girl, lol. You have been a great friend. Stay awesome. Don’t let the navy change you. Remember keep your head high and stay strong-willed. Don’t let anyone break your spirit. You are a free spirit and a great friend. I will miss you a lot. Remember the best boyfriends to have are the ones in the navy.
C/O ’04 Love Ya, Peace Out
Love Always, Danielle
Rock on Hottie

hey girl. You know this is hard. We’ve wanted this forever and now it’s finally here and it’s scary. Why? Because I’m gonna miss you a lot, and I know that after next Friday it’s going to be a long time before I see you again. But anyways, I hope you always remember me. I know I will cause all those elementary memories we have. Gosh, those were some dumb games we played but we were young. Right. Well anyways I hope that you have LOTS of FUN in the NAVY. Party hard!!! ok I also hope that you fulfill your dreams and remember to be safe. I wish you the best of luck in your life. Hopefully we’ll stay in touch. I’ll miss you a lot especially telling you my weekend stories. Well anyways, Good Luck, Have Fun. I’ll Miss You! Take Care.
Love you, Ali
Srs ’04!

JESSICA (Jessica Enjoyable Sassy Sophisticated Irresistable Caring Amazing)
the time has come, yeah! I’ll see you a few more times after this day hopefully. I hope you have fun in the NAVY and find a hot boy. Well I hope you the best of luck in the years to come. I will miss seeing you and your rocking booty self. I hope we stay in touch. I will miss seeing you and hearing your little wild stories. You are an amazing person inside and out! TAKE CARE
Love, Bibi

Hey crazy girl! You’ve got 2 be the craziest girl I know! But that’s cool! But anyways…yeah, it’s been real fun hangin with you! Like that one time like 2 years ago at Lakeline (when we saw Spiderman) that was crazy. Or prom night. That was great!! 🙂 If we wouldn’t have taken that pic with Marcos & Omar, I probably wouldn’t be talkin 2 Marcos now, so THANX (muchas gracias) But anyways GOOD LUCK! Don’t talk 2 too many guys. If you do hook me up girl! (naw I’m just BS’ing!)
Be careful & take care of yourself!
Love you always, Erica J.

Jessica: Hey this second semester was great! I am really glad we got to know each…
Bell rang
Love ya lots, Cheryl

hello Jessica, Well this is very saddening to me. This is your last day of high school. Must be nice huh! So these last couple of years have been good. I don’t want you to go. I’m going to chain you in my room so you can’t leave. Well anyways we’ve made some good memories and we’ll never forget them. So you had better keep in touch okay. I want to hear from you a lot. So I love you lots and I’m going to miss you a lots. So have fun.
Love always & forever, Holly Lynn

Hey Jessica, I hope you had a good year. I know I did. Have fun but don’t party too much! I hope to see you sometime.
Love, Kayla

Jessica, I still remember last year. You were the first and only person to take me in as a friend and get me away from the special ed table. Your friendship, wildness, caringness, and listening ear have always been there for me. Thank you so much for sparking my so-called popularity. I’ll miss you.
Love, Catherine

Jessica, Hope you had a fun year. Have lots of fun now that you’re out of school. Have a great time.

Jessica, We’ve known each other since 3rd grade. That’s a F** long time. Can you believe that after all these years we might not see each other again. I’m going to be in San Antonio and you’ll be all over the US in the navy. I still can’t believe our days at FHS are over. I hope you go far and do everything you want to do. GOOD LUCK!
Don’t Forget US
Love, Patricia

Jessica, I’ll never forget all the disgusting and stupid things that you have done over the years. But that’s why I’ll miss you. I hope that the navy won’t beat much of the crazy out of you. Too bad we didn’t hang out together at Six Flags but I’ll always remember our 7th grade trip to San Antonio. Good Luck and God Bless. We better keep in touch with each other or pay the price.
P.S. Keep this page forever and ever it may be worth something later in life.
Love, Deanna “Didi”

Hi! Bye! see you around!

Jessica! Who’d of thought we would be entering the military? Just remember it’s a noble cause. I wish you the best of luck in basic, I tried to get you ready. 🙂 Keep in touch so we can figure out who outranks who. Ha! Ha!
God Bless, Pvt. Erica C.

Hey Jessica, Thanks for being my friend. It’s been nice knowing you. Hope to see you around. Good luck in everything you do.
Love always, Carolina

hey Jessica, it’s been a long rocky road, but we made it through. good luck in the future.
love always & forever, Jessica T.

Jessica –
Hey, thanks for all the great times in chemistry. I’m gonna miss you next year. Well good luck in the Navy and have fun. Good luck in all that you do. Miss you.
Love always, Courtney

Jessica, a dear friend that I will love and cherish forever. Mi Amiga por Siempre!
Love, Barbara

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2 Responses to Writer’s Workshop: Words of Yearbook Past

  1. You can’t be the only one to think nice things about me. And someone in this relationship has to be able to keep track of things.


  2. Caleb Aldridge says:

    That is cool that all those people wrote such nice things about you. And that you were able to hang onto your yearbook for so long, I have no idea where mine went.


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