Hello Kitty, Happy Birthday

Cowles Mtn – 1,591ft summit

Caleb’s Birthday – work overnight the night before, wake at six am, catch bus at 7:30 am, ride bike over 10 miles home in 30 minutes on a Schwinn to make asshole look bad in front of his friends, get home, stretch, and take shower. Then go to Cowles Mountain for a morning hike. We drive 17 miles there to have Piggy turn around before we reach the halfway point – she is hot and her vision bad, which ends up working out for Caleb and his sore legs. We have to avoid getting run over by  people running as we make our way slowly down the mountain. Next trail – less rocks on path for Piggy to hit with her face.

Hello Kitty centerpiece – party favor

After hiking is a one year old’s birthday party (Hello Kitty theme) at the neighbor’s house. There are lots of tables that offer shade and more that offer food. There is a bounce castle with slide covered in children, an English mastiff named Brutis weighing near 200 pounds, two bubble machines, and a boombox. To eat there is taquitos, potato and macaroni salad, pizza, hotdogs, and DIY nachos and tacos with four salsas. There is fresh fruit (watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes) and veggies (radishes, cucumbers, avocados) along with chips, cupcakes, and chocolate covered strawberries.

portable hotdog cooker

We spent two hours eating, two hours talking and making friends, and then it was time for the pinatas. Little kids went first as they seemed to only tap the paper. The older kids were blind-folded and the pinata raised and lowered. Parents were there to make sure the kid stopped swinging the long metal pole before kids piled on top another to ensure their share of candy. At 5:30 pm they were getting ready to cut the cake. We went home to feed the dogs before going back.

birthday girl with her pinata

Upon return, cake had been eaten and gifts were being opened. We got party favors and got to take some cake home too. We helped clean up tables and chairs before walking to the store for a Coronado Orange Avenue Wit beer for Caleb to enjoy while watching half of Act of Valor before bedtime after a long day of eating and exercising. Caleb got phone calls, texts and a Facebook message: Birthdays are like boogers – the more you have the harder it is to breathe. Thank you to everyone that thought of him!


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2 Responses to Hello Kitty, Happy Birthday

  1. Caffiene – only every few minutes! Congrats to her for being able to make it that far. I wish I had someone to carry me back after lunch, but I would need a bike trailer for that.


  2. That is great, what a day…for you! Lotsof caffiene? We rode our bikes to lunch last weekend, my 4 yr old on her little bike with training wheels. She made it the whole way but on the way back got a case of the sleepies so I put her in the child seat behind me and throw heer bike over my shoulder and rode the last mile carrying both.. Have a great weekend Jessica!


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