Can’t Fool Me

I love driving around new places and randomly hitting the brakes to not miss a photo opportunity and then realize that was a truck behind us – not our guardian alien. Then I wave apologetically as I drive to a turn around point or somewhere good to park. The people passing you think you are most weird for taking pictures of their stores, cars, and homes because they see them everyday, but to you it is another part of the world puzzle.

Having started a blog, I now read a lot more blogs. In one, it mentioned that European countries are closer together and that’s why people wear backpacks and ride the trains to visit some of them and that states like Utah or Oklahoma take up too much of their day. Well even if these states were turned into five countries each they would still contain the same landscape and lifestyle. I enjoy seeing the different ways people live when in the same environment but miles, states, or countries apart.

So, there I was walking around, minding my own business, taking pictures of leaves and dirt when I felt this pair of eyes attach themselves to the side of my face. I turned so quickly, and surprised him so much, that Chucky fell over – or his wife pushed him. They were not in that window a moment ago, and they were not going to fool me. I don’t like evil plans being made while I’m being stared at. I knew not to worry though as my dogs aren’t the friendly-towards-hitchhikers type.

As we got in the car to leave I noticed that truck that had supposedly passed us had a sleeping driver behind the wheel parked by the same building. Of course he was just taking a nap; I don’t care if he wasn’t. I’m not the hero type to battle with short dolls with fast feet, anyone in hard plastic that breathes weird, or any villain that can transform their body or someone else. I’m the type to hide behind a tree and film the whole thing.

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