Peaceful Place

Photo by: John Wise

Tiny bugs buzzing through the air
Small critters smashing through the leaves
An old man in an ancient house somewhere reading next to the window
A girl running through the trees with her hair following
behind her being carried in the breeze
A stream around the corner running down the mountain
Clouds metamorphosing as they float above
Little birds tweeting and chirping their love song

This is peaceful to me As I recall a poem in my head
As I scoot an inch closer and increase shutter speed
As I hide behind rocks and use them as tripods
As I think of the little boy chasing the girl
As I watch a raccoon wash his lunch in the stream
As I notice a bunny hopping along in the troposphere
And I start to sing along to the birdies love song

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1 Response to Peaceful Place

  1. Karen says:

    I am looking forward every day to your prose.


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