Censorship is for Liars

The radio picks what you will listen to. The TV decides what you will watch. The Internet used to be confined to the military, scientists, and engineers. Now it is so easy to use that little children can teach their grandparents about email, Facebook, and the latest search engine. Some websites are age restrictive, some are only available to certain country ISP addresses, and some I will never find now because the Internet is adjusting itself to what it thinks I like or search for the most.

I get enough censorship and guidance as it is when I’m on the Internet and I still get porn spam into my Inbox. There is still hate and racism being broadcast on radio waves – censor that to something children can repeat. There is still obesity and fast food on TV – censor that so that when I’m out in public (I don’t have cable) I only have to watch the Discovery or History channel. What about our telephones; can the government censor out magazine salesmen and bill collectors so people can stop changing their number.

The government needs to stop trying to censor things (they are protecting us). No, they are covering up more lies and again diverting our attention so that they may continue to keep our minds weak and more susceptible to government control. If they do want to censor the Internet, why not censor off the pain and suffering of so many and show the accomplishments of this country and the countries that we share borders with. Stop censoring the world and keeping America dumb.

The media only shows us pain so we can see where our tax dollars go – to rebuild Haiti and to give poor moms in America flat screens. But do you really think that’s the only places our money goes? With pain we should feel empathy, not hate. The government should show in the media how other countries are doing things right so that we may improve. Let us remove our ignorant masks and step into the light of education. Fight for your freedom now or become a slave, but please move to a country where they still have indentured servitude as America is still trying to deal with slavery (racism) here.

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1 Response to Censorship is for Liars

  1. Karen says:

    Now you really sound like your Dad, chill girl.


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