Sentences, Paragraphs, Pages, Chapters

Since I can remember I have had a love for reading. I could try to say I’m not one for book reviews but my English teacher would say different. I suppose I would feel bad if I were to judge the book wrong, but it is only my opinion. I started thinking about books I have read and why. I thought about their themes and whether they changed my life. I’ve noticed common themes – outdoors, travel, mystery, science; and I’ve noticed some common authors – Jules Verne, Shakespeare, Stephen King, John Steinbeck.

Finishing a book in my opinion means it was either a) a good book, or b) for a grade, and that to me is a good enough review. I would recommend that others read it if that’s the genre they happen to be into. I have a New Year’s resolution to read at least 24 books. I am hoping to greatly surpass this but should some drastic life-changing event occur that would prevent that – I don’t like disappointment. I will in my way, perhaps, give my thoughts, moods, ideas, and inspirations that came while reading.

Our brains are like a book-bag on a deserted island. While on the mainland you can load them full of crap (TV, bad news, depression, and old pizza) on the daily, but when your survival depends on a few key items you need them to be the best. I like to think that we should be overly choosy what goes in because it ultimately determines what comes out. I read these books knowing one day I will say something that only I may know but it will have taught me something or made me laugh, unlike the auto-laugh on TV – I hate that.

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  1. Leah H. says:

    The book sound so interesting..

    Visiting for MYM! Here’s my share- hope you can stop by:)


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