Happy – Cinco de Enero – To Me

Caleb bought himself a new point-and-shoot camera, that can go underwater, for Christmas; he’s ready to say good-bye to his old film Canon Rebel. In the box is my very first iPod; 11 years after the first one came out. I was doing just fine with my 300 songs on my MP3 player, but upon getting iTunes needed more than 3GB of space; I can finally get rid of my case of CDs.

Outside the box is my ‘lunch-bag space’ of bicycle clothes. I have two pair compression tights, one pair gloves, two blue tees, one pink fitted tee, pair of purple & white shorts, two pair compression shorts, two green fitted long-sleeve shirts, one pair blue Capri pants, and one blue beanie. We went to the store for the socks and bras. We have gone off other blogs and bicycle sites trying to get an idea of how much we will need.

We love camping and hiking and look forward to cycling more. I usually buy used clothes but had trouble finding certain things, and then getting them in my size. There are plenty of websites for used camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags) and gear (stoves, lights) as well, but still trying to find cheap bike route maps. I might be making my own. I am excited about the adventure to come and the health, happiness, and savings it will bring.

I was inspired by a website, but can’t find the link now for credit, about five things you never leave the house without; mine being: camera & accessories, water, clean undies, floss, and sunglasses. If I’m going to be gone awhile I also bring a jacket, my Nat. Park passport, sunscreen, nail clippers, a flashlight, and most times – the dogs. With bicycle camping I will also bring a compass, pocket knife, bug-spray, duct tape, and my helmet.

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2 Responses to Happy – Cinco de Enero – To Me

  1. I tried everything on. The compression tights have small ankles but Caleb assures me they will stretch some; the left is bigger than the right. I haven’t tried a pocket knife yet though!


  2. Karen says:

    Speaking about pocket knives; have you tried everything on yet?
    I have several pocket knives. Don’t take them to Airports. LOL


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