Running Towards

Warmth! It may not really be that cold here; it is the Sunshine State, but Caleb brought up a good point last night. When you are used to areas with four seasons 50 degrees is no big deal, but when you get adjusted to temperatures over 80 for nine months out of the year 50 soon feels colder than it should. There is only one treadmill in our current apartment gym so I am stuck waiting for warmer clothes to arrive so that I may again run outdoors.

Many ideas for this picture came to mind. I was going to start with the fact that I’m not running out of ideas, my brain won’t allow it – yet. Instead I’ve been busy with my book resolution. Not only do I want to read a certain amount of books; the more I reread of my collection, the more I can give to the library. I could have also gone with not running away. It’s not that I have anything to run away from but what the good Earth has given me to run towards.

May we all in some form or another find our running, our motivation, to keep moving in life, to keep books being read, to keep music being listened to, to keep bicycles oiled and ready to go, to keep warm socks in our tennis shoes, to go towards the warmth, or to keep up with our companions; dogs and husband alike, and to keep the place we call home full of creativity, cooking, and cheer.

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1 Response to Running Towards

  1. Caleb says:

    I was just running. I used to have to try to keep up with you, so when you start running more it will be the same again.


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