Over Use Often Under

Q&A: What expression do you overuse? Aww, in different tones and lengths.


shadow, shadow on the wall…

I woke up early, after dreaming about cars and school (where I spend a majority of my time), and sat on the couch to read about reading. I was cozy enough that we left 30 minutes late for the gym and thought we had to leave early to help a friend.

Caleb ran while I dilly-dallied with the other gym equipment. I was going to do abs when the neighbor called and said we weren’t needed, but Caleb was already at the car, so we went home and I napped before breakfast.


the tire doesn’t get up when shaken… like Piggy used to

It was totally worth it for the last two slices of sourdough cut in half, the lonely banana on the shelf, the remnants of garam masala peanut butter, three scoops of smashed avocado, and one egg to split on my lightly toasted bread.

Feeling full and refreshed, it was time for Sparky’s morning walk. With that done, another hour and a half passed before we decided to drive to Balboa Park for the House of Spain Lawn Program — paella for the peasants and a dance show for all.


bagpipes in Balboa

Paella originated in Valencia, Spain and consisted of rabbit, chicken, snails, green and white beans on a bed of bomba rice with a crusty bottom layer called socarrat. It was eaten from the pan with each person having their own wooden spoon.

We watched the flamenco dancing and the tres niñas was my favorite. We brought Sparky and this little girl asked to pet him and then kids descended upon his body and he climbed on Caleb to save him from the little hands.


What does the smart car say? Read!

Caleb felt like baking when we got home, so he made ginger-molasses, oatmeal raisin, and almond butter cookies. If I don’t eat them all by Tuesday, I can bring some for the guys when I drop off supplies for work.

Our last cookie dish broke so we had to buy another one tonight and it came in a two-pack which is a good thing because we need both. Now to start reading the book I was sent via email over two weeks ago, so I can give the author feedback.

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