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Holden Up Cheesy Potatoes

Caleb and Jessi go to Robert’s to clean his place for two hours while I shower and then converse with Robert and Jake. We all eat something at the table – eggs, garlic bread, mango with cottage cheese. The girls … Continue reading

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The Last Night in Missoula

Caleb woke up before I did at 6:30 to start making waffles. He went to get Robert while Jessi and I finished cooking them at 7:30. Jessi wasn’t sure of the cooking time or of their filling ability, but she … Continue reading

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Clay Thursday

Jessi makes oatmeal for breakfast, walks Sammi to school, then rides her bike to work. Caleb and I eat while Lyra watches Sesame Street and then Caleb hangs our clothes on the line to dry. Jake gets the shop ready for … Continue reading

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Off To School

I woke up at 7 when Robert came through the front door. I helped get Sammi ready for school – lunch bag out of fridge – and then Caleb and I walked her to the playground where she waits for … Continue reading

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Whipped Cream Pizza Trees

I slept until 8 and then watched All Dogs Go To Heaven with Lyra until Caleb and Jessi got back from dropping Sammi off at school. I took a shower, then ate toast and some of Jessi’s smoothie for breakfast. Jake got … Continue reading

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