Prepping in Phoenix

sunrise in Phoenix

I’m up before twilight to join the desert-dwelling couple on their sunrise walk to include: picking up pennies; saying good morning to people, pups, and Lucy the donkey; and seeing a rabbit, two lizards, and a harem of cats. 

Caroline reads about how brilliant octopuses are as Dad drives us to breakfast at First Watch where her and I order the same thing, the tri-athlete plate. 

driving around Phoenix

We’ll drop Caroline to work before going to Dad’s appointment early so we can watch the ground squirrels play in the shade while the sweat drips down our backs. 

While I’m waiting on Dad, I’ll hear a woman tell her friend about offering to have her brother’s baby because his husband can’t get pregnant. I was hesitant to have kids of my own but some women are just made for carrying children inside them; I’m not one of them.

trying on Dad’s socks

Lunch at Oregano’s with Dad. I’ll get to try some giardiniera peppers, which Chicagoans love to put on their pizza versus the Italian style that uses pickled vegetables as a relish. 

Back to the house for more talking, packing, reading, and prepping food for the road trip that starts tomorrow. We’ll pick up Caroline, prescriptions, and bread. 

Dinner at Spinato’s before buying more snacks for the car that will save us time and money when we get hungry and there’s not a place in sight. Dad gets his camera bag ready and packs his wife-made socks before our evening walk. 

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