Sing This, Say That

Q&A: What song could be your self-portrait? “Cars, they drove in. What came out of your butthole?” Just a sample from dad and daughter duet.

It felt nice to stand beside Dad on an anti-fatigue mat and make car alarm sounds and funny voices together and then adjust them into something else with modular knobs, patch cables, and a keyboard piano. This was our morning.


morning selfie

We were driving to lunch and I rolled the window down on the highway to wave to a car of someone Dad knows with the same car and a very close personalized license plate but it wasn’t her. We arrived 40 minutes later to Chengdu Delight, a restaurant that’s closed on Tuesdays. I was looking forward to trying a new place but set my mind on eating whatever is nearby.

Another meal of guacamole but this one served with thin parmesan pizza crust chips. We order our vegetables — stuffed mushrooms for Dad and a skillet of broccoli and squash for me, but I’ll be taking mine to go. We don’t finish the Guaca-Tony, though we ate more than we should have, Caroline would’ve loved to have a slice brought home.


afternoon coffee

I spend another afternoon reading. It’s easier to disconnect from the internet when I don’t bring my laptop, another reason I enjoy these little Phoenix getaways. I appreciate the conversations between the words, videos, and blips of noise that Dad is learning to create. I’m inspired that he’s taken on something that 23,000 people claim to participate in, which includes circuit benders. The cost varies from $39 to $1000 per piece so your interest can grow with the size of your wallet.

Sparky gets in his senior dog cardio while I talk with Caleb until his voice lowers from a sore throat that’s been bothering him for a week and then both of them are ready for a nap. Back inside Dad is dealing with a system update and resetting the SD card that will remove his sound-testing history and some of our musical magic. I learn a little more each time I’m here and contemplate the possibility that a duet would be doable.


evening stick

I take Sparky out to chew on a stick before happily cuddling with him under the blankets for added warmth while Dad makes dinner. I’m still full from lunch so I will wait for Caroline to get home before finishing the soup she doesn’t eat. The 44° morning had me appreciating the golden hour (with the warmest time of day and sunset being so close together in winter) and wanting to lay in the sun and soak up its warm energy.

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