Class Introductions

These are verbatim what my 36 classmates wrote for our Computer and Information Sciences course: Principles of Information Systems; an 8-week online class in a classroom. I removed last names and spaces between paragraphs with numbers.


1.Hi, my name is Arturo. I go by Art and overall pretty boring with not much to share.
2.Hobbies include music, gaming, and taking photos.
3.My main goal is to finish up these last few semesters and transfer to a University. Don’t know which one yet though.
4.The main reason for taking this class is that it is part of my transfer requirement.
5.No real reason for taking it as an 8 week course. First time doing so.
6.My major is Economics and learning the functions of spreadsheets will help that directly I feel. Also the other parts of this class interest me personally.
7.I don’t think I have any experience with information systems.

Hello, my name is Cameron. Some of my hobbies include video games, basketball, soccer, and cooking. My goals are to get the highest GPA possible and get accepted to a university. I am taking this course to get familiar with the world of information systems for I will most likely be continuing my education along this path. I enjoy the face to face format of this class because I find it helpful to be able to talk to your teacher in person, and have designated times where I am required to go to class and participate and complete assignments. My major is Computer Engineering/Science so this class is introducing me to the business side of the technological world. I do not have much experience in information systems but I do have some experience with computer programming.

1. My name is Angel, I was born in Orlando Florida I moved to San Diego because I was in the military. I was honorably discharged in September of 2016.
2. My hobbies include going to the beach, working on my car and playing video games.
3. My goal is to get a degree in Business Administration and I plan on moving to Washington State in 2-3 years.
4. The main reason I am taking this course is because it is required for my degree.
5. The reason I’m taking this class face to face is because its easier for me to follow and understand everything.
6. My major is Business Administration and its a required course for my degree.
7. I believe my experience with information systems is average.


Hello my name is Ivan and I am currently attending SDSU as a junior. I am taking this course because I could not find any classes at SDSU that fit my busy schedule, subsequently allowing me to take this course here at the wonder full campus of City College. My hobbies are going out on the weekends enjoying soccer and playing FIFA. I always enjoy fast passed learning and this course will enable me to learn the way that I find that best suits me. My major is Business Management and I plane to graduate with little debt and hopefully attend Law School after achieving all said and done. I am very well versed in Excel, Word, Access, Power Point, Tablaue, and some other programs that I cannot remember.

Hi my name is Beqir,
I am 19 year old guy who likes to live life to the fullest. I love educating myself on many subjects especially ones that I feel will help me with the goals I have created. Those goals are to own multiple businesses that create a wealthy stream on income so that one day I will be able to live comfortably with my family and be able to help people who I see need help. My short term goals are to build a physically healthy body and mind as well as to create $10,000 for my investment fund by the end of march of 2017.
The main reason I am taking this course is to complete a requirement on my ed plan but I am also here to learn and open my mind to the world of computers and to find something new about them that I didn’t know before. I prefer face to face courses because it easier for me to grasp the concept that is being taught to me if I can see someone doing it or being hands on.
My major is business administration but its always good to know stuff in different areas especially in a world where computers are becoming more and more common. I’ve been dealing with computers since I was 8, never really understanding them but had fun with them. Ive taken a coding class in high school but was arrogant in the process of learning what was being taught. Now I am here to gain more knowledge in the computer world so that when needed in my life I can use what I know to benefit me and the world. Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a blessed day.

Hello classmates. My name is Peter and am originally from Los Angeles. My hobbies include skateboarding, cooking and an occasional surf. My current goal is to finish my associates program at City College with hopes to transfer into SDSU to continue my Business Administration program. This course is a core curriculum course for my major. I decided not to take full on-line classes this semester, which is why I am taking this hybrid shortened class. This class will help me better understand the standard Microsoft Office programs that are vital to the administrative world in my major. I have had little experience in the information systems. I have worked with coding programs like arduino and know basic knowledge on current computer operating programs. Hope you all have a great semester, and good luck.


Hello, my name is David. This is my second year attending San Diego City College. I don’t really have any spare time because usually when I’m not at school, I’m usually working. When I do have time for myself, I usually enjoy going out with a group of friends. One of my goals is to start my own business. This class is part of my intended major, which is business administration. That is one of the reasons I am taking this class because it is a course I need to take. I am taking this course in a face-to-face format because I feel that I will understand the course and the information better than learning on an online format. I do not have much experience with information systems, but I do recall hearing about it.

My name is Diana, I am nineteen years old and this is my third semester at city college. My hobby is to play soccer, I have a soccer team for children between 4 and 6 years old. My goal is to be able to transfer to SDSU by fall 2018. The main reason I am taking this class is to complete my GE classes and at the same time to finish my requirements to obtain my associates degree. I am taking this class in a face-to-face format because my type of learning is more visual and I feel more comfortable knowing my professor in person. My major is public administration, I strongly believe that this course will help me out in many occasions. This course is is very general with computer system so it will help me a lot. I have a little bit of experience with info systems. I know the basics of the programs, but I am excited to learn more in depth of them.

1. Hello, my name is Angelina. I moved from Northern California to San Diego almost two years ago. My major is business marketing and I hope to finish my Bachelor’s degree at San Diego State College. I love animals and hope to have an animal rescue one day. I am currently bartending and I love it!
2. My hobbies are singing and traveling. I really enjoy visiting new places whether it be near or far. I’m always up for an adventure!
3. My goals are to be a successful businesswoman and one day have my own business. I would like to maybe own a bar/restaurant in the San Diego area.
4. The main reason I am taking this course is because I need to refresh my computer skills as well as it is a requirement for me to transfer to a university.
5. I prefer face to face interactions in regards to school. I get easily bored or disconnected from fully online courses. Also, I understand material more in person and it makes it easier to ask questions directly and receive a more prompt answer.
6. My major is business marketing. Computer knowledge is vital in today’s business world so I believe having a strong skill set in regards to computers will put you ahead of the rest.
7. I have some experience with information systems but not as much as I would like to. The majority of my skills come from high school and I want to have a more updated skill set as I move forward to a 4 year university.


1. I’m Angelo. I go to San Diego City College. I am 19 years old. My major is business management.
2. My hobbies include watching/playing sports, reading, and watching movies.
3. My goal is to transfer to a UC level school.
4. To expand my knowledge, and to satisfy a requirement.
5. I prefer a face-to-face format because dealing with a problem in person is easier than over the computer.
6. My major is business management, this course will allow me to expand my computer skills to keep up with an increasingly tech savvy environment.
7. Little to none.

Hello, my name is Jocelyn. I study here at San Diego City College and my major is, public administration. I plan to transfer to SDSU and start spring 2018. I would like to work for something I believe in, and a place where I can improve the life of others. My main goal is to contribute to the improvement of my community with my degree. I am taking this course to complete one of my major requirements. The experience I have with information systems is very basic. I have used excel, word, and power point previously. I do believe excel can be challenging because of the different formulas. The reason I am taking this course in this format is because I found it convenient both for my academic goals and time schedule. I look forward to becoming more educated on computer programs.

Hello, My name is Roberta, but most people call me Robi. I’m taking this course because I am an international business major and CISC 181 is a major preparation course for the degree. I’m also minoring in dance, which is a big passion of mine and my goal is to own my own dance studio in Europe. I decided to take this course as a partially online course instead of a fully online because I’ve bad experiences with online classes and rarely feel motivated to do work that requires me to always be on the computer. I rather listen to a teacher than learn everything on my own. This is my last major preparation course for my degree and I’ve been dreading taking it because I’m not tech-savvy nor very educated on information systems, but I’m optimistic it’ll be helpful for the future.


Hi there, my name is Jessica. I am a full time single mother of three young kids. I love to create. I am highly creative and love to make jewelry, paint, and cook exotic foods. I have recently got into stripping and repainting old guitars. It is great to do on the very little off time I have.  I am also in school full time trying to finish up my business degree. I plan on finishing all of my courses by summer 2017. I am taking this course since it is required for my major. I look forward to taking this class to gain more knowledge in this field. I am not very technical so I am sure this class will greatly benefit me in the future.

Hello! My name is Gustavo, and I’m excited to be enrolled in this course. I’m not exactly sure how to go about introducing myself, so I suppose that I’ll start off with some basics. My hobbies are reading books, listening to music, and playing video games, especially rhythm video games (think that one dancing game you see people play). My goals for the future are to get my associate’s degree from City College, transfer to a four-year university, and eventually apply for an IT position somewhere.
I hope to transfer very soon. I’m taking this course to fulfill my major coursework, as well as to fulfill a prerequisite for taking C++ or Visual Basic. I wanted to take this class face-to-face because I’ve had more success with classes that meet in a classroom at least once a week as opposed to those that are fully online. I also prefer to see my classmates and my instructor in person so that I can associate names to faces.
Speaking of major coursework, my major is computer science, and I believe taking this class will help me reach my scholastic goals by preparing me to graduate and get my bachelor’s degree that much more quickly. I have some experience with information systems, as far as using Excel and Java is concerned. I took a Java class here not too long ago and I really enjoyed that experience, so I’m expecting to have a similar experience here. I look forward to having a successful and fun spring semester with all of you!

1. Hi, I’m Myjena. I’m a first-year student.
2. My hobbies are working-out, listening to music, writing, and drawing.
3. My goal is to get my associates and transfer, while balancing school and work.
4. My main reason for taking this course is to fulfill a requirement for my major and become more computer literate.
5. I’m taking this course in a face-to-face format, instead of a fully online format because I do not have 24/7 internet access from my computer.
6. My major is Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. Taking this class will compliment my scholastic goals by allowing me to expand my computer literacy and become versed in the basic principles relating to problem solving and analysis in business organizations using computers.
7. I have a small bit of experience with information systems, gained in a Foundations of Information Technology course taken my senior year of high school.


Hi, I’m Bri. I’m from Palm Springs and moved to San Diego almost 3 years ago. Some things I like to do is visit some of the breweries around San Diego, my favorite is fall brewing. This is the first class I’ve taken at City, I am taking all my other courses at Mesa. My major is Information systems and I am taking this course to fill prerequisites to transfer to sdsu. I have taken other courses online and I much prefer face-to-face learning, I think it’s easier to learn the material better that way when someone else is teaching it to you directly. The reason why I like online courses is because they are more flexible if you have a busy schedule. I don’t really have any previous experience with information systems, but on my own time i like to learn the python coding language as well as just html. I am excited and looking forward to learning something new. from the course!

Hello class,
My name is Chiara or you may call me Lo for short. I am a retired Marine, who has decided to return back to school in order to purse a degree in Business Management with a minor in Information Systems Technology. (Well at least that’s the plan for now.) In my personal time, my 8 year old son and I spend a lot of time at the gym (M-S.) I enjoy family time, cooking, dancing and  traveling. I look forward to the spring semester.

Hello my name is Jose,
I am 19 years old and enjoy making new friends. In my free time I take care of my three dogs, visit the beach frequently, and  hang out with friends.I am taking this course because I want to have a better understanding of how technology can help a business be more successful. I am taking this course because I want to learn more about the functions of computers because this knowledge will help me start my future career. I am taking this class in the face-to face format because I like being able to physically ask my instructor questions. I am majoring in business management and this course will help me transfer to SDSU, putting me closer to my scholastic goals. I have very little experience with information systems, however that does not mean that I will shy away from this class.


My name is Chidindu and I am not from San Diego. My hobbies are having a good time and hanging out with friends, also eating food. My goals are to become a successful business man. The main reason I am taking this class is because it is a transfer requirement from a University. I wanted to come to class to interact with others and be able to have access to more sources of help if needed. My major is Business Marketing, I am not sure its a requirement. I have little experience with information systems.

Hello, My name is Caitlin, I am 25 years old and I don’t have many hobbies but I am the mother of a 4 month old little boy, so I keep pretty busy. Although my free time is limited, I enjoy taking my dogs to the beach and going on walks with my family when I am not at work or school. My goal is to apply for the Radiology program at Mesa next year and that is why I am enrolled in this class. My major is associates of science and I will need the technology skills obtained from this class to ultimately reach my goal as a radiology technician.
I have taken a similar class to this that was completely online and didn’t do as well as I wanted to. Although I do have some experience with information systems, I feel like I didn’t retain much of the information by reading the chapters myself and completing the online work. I thought the face-to-face environment would help me to actually learn and retain the information this time and that is why I chose the hybrid class. I look forward to the next 8 weeks with you all.

My name is Ella and this is my first semester here at San Diego City College.  My hobbies include cooking, hiking, and chasing after my ambitious three year old.  I am taking this particular course to fulfill my requirement for a degree in Business Management.  I hope to some day transfer to a four year institution and obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in that same aspect. The reason I am taking this class face-to-face versus a fully online format is because I like to have a live person to be able to assist me if I run into any issues.  In the past times that I had attended other college institutions, I have found that I succeed better in a classroom setting. My only experience with information systems was that in my last occupation as a Court Clerk at the Sacramento County Superior Court.  I hope to add on my knowledge with this class and am very excited to be here.


Hello, my name is Jenna. I am a new student, this is my second semester here at City College. I am 36 years old and took a GED due to circumstance at 16 years old. Having not been in school for 20 years, I have to work very hard to keep my grades up. I strive to keep my GPA above a 3.5. My goals are focused around my academics right now. I am working towards transferring to SDSU for a Bachelor’s in Business. I chose this class because it fits into my curriculum. I enjoy a face to face formated class versus fully online because it helps me have a better understanding of the material. I actually have no idea what information systems is, therefore I would guess I have no experience! I look forward to learning more about how to use a computer and how to be a better student.

Hello, I would like to introduce my-self and share a little about my-self. My name is Citlaly, I am 21 years-old and I am mother to a three year old boy and a soon to be mom to a baby girl. I was born in Mexico, but I been raised in San Diego since I was 8 months old. I am a student to San Diego City College since fall of 2015. Before i became a mother my hobbies used to be running and baking, mostly baking, but now that I have returned to school I don’t really find time to bake desserts but I try my best to do so.
My goal is to earn a two year degree in small business accounting, with it be able to work and help my husband with the household. That reason being, this class is necessary to complete the course and obtain that degree. I am a student who likes to see, attend and participate, to be able to learn that why I do not like to take fully on-line classes. to be honest i have little experience with the info system. I am only familiar with word and the basics to excel. hopefully with this class I will learn more and use that information in my future.

Hello class, My name is Chance, and I’m taking this course because it is required for my Bachelors. I’m majoring in Aeronautics, and I’m currently in training to become an Airline Pilot. Right now I hold a Private Pilot’s license, and will further my training and education at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University this coming Fall. Besides Aviation, I’d say I like doing things that are active. I go Rock Climbing at Mesa Rim, I hit the gym 4-6 times a week, and I’m currently checking off a list for all the best hikes in San Diego.
Right now I work for Guitar Center part time, and I got to school full time.
I’ve worked for GC for over 4 years, and it’s been a fun job to help fund all of my school and aviation training. I do play the guitar. I’ve played in a couple of bands and we’ve played a bunch of shows,  but I’ve been a lot more focused on my education and career instead of music.
As for why I’m taking this class in this format, I just really enjoy taking 8 week courses. I like cranking out a whole semesters worth in half the time, so that I can focus on other classes and flying. Also, with online courses it is nice to be able to go ahead and finish assignments before the due date, so I can free up my time for other things as well. Last semester, I took Microsoft office, so I’m hoping this will build on that, and knowing computers well should help with any future job, even a Pilot. Other than that I don’t have any experience with information systems.


1. This is my second semester at City College. I look forward to expanding my knowledge and figuring out what I want to do as a career. I graduated from Crawford High but attended Patrick Henry, Morse, and Lincoln high before that. I prefer working alone, but am open to group projects and working with others. This is my first computer course so it will take a while to get situated, however i am a fast learner and am eager to learn my way around the course.
2. Some of my hobbies include weekend games of football with family and friends. I also enjoy fishing with my older cousins and brother. I also spend time entering competitions for video games.
3. I plan on joining the military this summer and graduating just before enrolling in 2017 fall semester. I intend to graduate within four years and move to a university to further my education. I’m majoring in business, however along the way I may change career paths and end up doing another major.
4. The main reason why I’m taking this class is because it is in compliance with my major at this time, which happens to be business finance. Also I’d like to be well accustomed to using the various office appliances.
5. I learn better with some guidance and hands on work. I’m a more audio and visual learner as well.
6. My major is Business Finance and this will compliment my major because it is a required course
7. The only experience that I have with information systems is minimal but I learn quick and can look up what I don’t know.

Hello everybody! My name is Nigora (or Nika).
I was born in February, thus, my zodiac sign is Aquarius. Things that I value in life are my family and friends, my time and my dreams.
On my free time I like to go hiking and exploring San Diego.
I speak 4 different languages and learning my fifth language, which is French;)
I’m majoring in Business Management.
I wish all of you have a great start of the spring semester!

Greetings, fellow classmates! Veronica here, excited to cut my teeth in this class. I work in the wine industry as a Certified Sommelier, and am collaborating with a partner on a wine app (if you enjoy wine, let’s talk!). The tech side of this endeavor is so fascinating (and overwhelming!), so I thought it would be to my benefit to familiarize myself with it. I have made wine my career and it’s my hobby as well, studying, teaching, and tasting. When I’m not working in the wine world, I’m usually playing the piano, reading, or practicing yoga.
My goals for now are to familiarize myself with the tech industry and to gain another skill from which I can benefit from down the road. I was recently offered a larger role in the company, and I’m looking at becoming a partner down the road. I want to be able to participate in meetings and contribute to the app on a much wider scale. I have ideas to develop my own app for needs that I see in the wine industry that aren’t being met, so here I am. As of now, my immediate academic goal is to earn an AS in Computer Information Science, my current major), then see where that leads (to infinity and beyond?). This course is required for this and at minimum, I will have gained some new and valuable skills.
I do enjoy the convenience of online studies, but can appreciate the value of classroom learning. Because much of this study is fairly new to me, I thought I could benefit from a face-to-face format. I enjoy having the support and it does force you to focus, so this should be a good one! I’m one of those people who loves to learn and gets lost in study. This will be my third degree I’m working towards. I have little experience with informations systems, other than the intro course and what I’ve learned from this wine app collaboration, but look forward to seeing where it takes me. Nice to meet you all in an internet way!


Hello Classmates my name is Luis I am from Mexico I born in the United States but I lived my whole life in Mexico I am 21 years old , I have no idea what is my major I been back and forth to the college hope this course can give me some guidance in my academic carrer. I love to surf , play baseball and also volleyball. My goal is to figure out what carrer fits to me , empowers me and bring me joy to it. I always considerate computer science as one of my main reasons for a carrer, but I never give it a try that’s the main reason why I am giving a try to this course to see if I like it and if convince me then I will definitely do this my carrer goal. I think this course can give me a lot of experience in many fields as developing excel skills and some other course material. I have never worked with this systems before…today was my first time.

Hello! My name is Aurora and I am currently a student at San Diego State University. I’m taking one semester here at City/Mesa college to complete my GE’s and lower division major requirements. Some of my hobbies are pottery and traveling. My major is International Business with an emphasis in Italian and Western Europe and I hope to graduate with my bachelors degree in the next two years. Nonetheless, my reason for taking this course is to satisfy my lower division major requirement. I am taking this course face to face because I feel that I learn best when I am taught new material in lecture style environments. I tried taking this course fully online over the intersession break and found it incredibly difficult and unhelpful. Furthermore, I hope that this time around this course will teach me how to maneuver computer information and programming software that will help me fulfill my scholastic goals. My experience with informational system is average. In my previous accounting class I had to use excel quite frequently and learned a bit from that. However, I feel that this course will further sharpen my computer and programming skills.

1. I am Hugo Reynoso, I come from Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
2. I play chess, play the piano, play video games and read.
3. I want to get a bachelors in Accounting, a masters in psychology and a Ph. D. in finances.
4. It is a requirement for my CSU application and associates degree in business, as well as it will be useful in my accounting career, since I already use it at work.
5. It helps me focus, because when I am at home I cannot concentrate much in the assignments, thus I stay in school to do the work.
6. I am an Accounting major with emphasis in finances, Excel and Access are used plenty in my career.
7. I use excel at work, I know enough to get the work done, however there is still a lot to learn.


Hello everyone, My name is Rebekah but I go by Bekah. I am 24 years old and just moved here from Jacksonville, Florida with my dog, two cats and husband. My hobbies include reading, cooking and exploring California. My goal is to transfer to a University in the fall, either San Diego State or University of Florida (online). I am taking this course as a requirement for my major, Business Administration. I worked in Mortgage Litigation for 4 years before moving to California and am looking to get my degree so that I can move up in the Business world. I have worked in several specific company built information systems but know nothing about how they are created. I chose to take this class face-to-face because it is a topic I know very little about and may be able to get clearer directions in person. I am looking forward to learning with you all! 

My name is Miriam, I’m 24 years old. After a five-year break from high school I decided to start last year at City College. I work full time and I’m part time student. In my spare time I like to read, go to the gym and most importantly spent time with my family. The main reason I am taking this class is because it is a requirement for my major, but it is also a requirement for my current job. Computer classes are not my strength that is why I am taking a face-to-face class. My goal is to transfer to San Diego State University to pursue my bachelors in business management. This class will help me fulfill my requirement for transferring. I have very basic experience with information systems, but I am willing to learn more to become proficient.

Hello My name is isavel, this is my third year in college. first year was a waste of time I didn’t know what to do with my future. Now I have an idea lol . My major is business administration and im taking this course because it  was a requirement, also because I don’t have a clue about information systems. I’m taking this class because is short term, I work and I have a daughter, my schedule is not flexible so this class was the perfect fit. I plan on opening my own business, I would love to have my own makeup store or my own cosmetics line, I even have a page dedicated to post pictures, tips or reviews about products. I like working out, I used to like cardio and dance but a few months ago I discovered the beauty of weight lifting, maybe one day I can open my own gym. I don’t know what is going to happen, I just know that I want to be my own boss.


Hello, my name is Robert and I’m majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis on IT. Some of my hobbies include running, basketball, and playing video games. My short term goals are to transfer to SDSU (or any other 4 year). Then to get my degree and find employment at Microsoft, Google, etc. I’m taking this course because it fits into my education plan to transfer. I enjoy coming to class rather than strictly online. That way if I have an issue, I can physically talk to the Professor. Also the scheduling of just having to come into class helps me stay focused and responsible. My major is Business Administration w/ IT. To work in IT, I have to first understand the principles of Information Systems, which is exactly what this class is. This class meets the requirement for my lower division Business major. I know how to proficiently use a computer, but I don’t even know what exactly an information system is.

Marc I am originally from Seattle Washington and moved to California a little over eight years ago. I Love California and found the sun is where I always wanted to be finally out of the dreary rain. My hobbies are to play sports especially basketball and Skiing. I have been skiing since I was only 2 years old basketball is a more recent endeavor. Aerobic activities helps with my mental state and the stressors of life. I live in a house with 5 people and just got a kitten who was Feral until we rescued her. The house is loud and crazy but am able to get some quiet time to study. My Goals are too get a degree working with computers mainly software and hardware repair broadly maintenance and would like to work from home. I am taking this course to improve my knowledge about programs and as a stepping stone to transfer to a four year college. Excel is a great program to know it offers quite a few job opportunities I mean what business does not need someone to enter data or manage data. Most classes I take I prefer face to face just because I have a commitment to be there and I engage more in the class. In the long run programming would be the major I would go for but I would like to know enough about computers to start working on them.  My skills are probably pretty common when it comes to computers just basic information systems experience but would love to learn more.

Hello everyone, My name is Caden. I am 21 years old and grew up here in San Diego. I like to go to the gym, beach and hang with friends. My current goals include transferring and graduating from SDSU. I am taking this course mainly because it is one of my major prep courses, and I’m taking it in this format because it works best with my schedule and I prefer faster paced classes. My major is Marketing; I just switched to this major from engineering so this is my first Information systems class and I am looking forward to working with you all.

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