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Resume Writing Résumé

Writing a résumé  is something most working adults have probably done at least once. Since I’m not one of those people, you could see my predicament when a professor asked me to have mine reviewed after a workshop, fix the … Continue reading

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Zeichen, Teken, Märk, Signs

A song with signs for your further enjoyment!  

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I’m Going to Miss Some of Jacksonville

Caleb calls me this morning with good and bad news. I still have mixed views on both; the bad being we can’t go to Tobago because he will be in school; and the good that we are moving to San … Continue reading

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Graduating with Honors

About two years ago my husband got stationed at Naval Station Mayport in Jacksonville, FL and seven years ago I didn’t have the money to afford college. As a navy wife with no job and volunteering to fill my time … Continue reading

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Psychology From a Teenager

This is my first college assignment, to diagnose Jeffrey Dahmer, while stationed onboard the USS Whidbey Island. Beware going forward if you want to spare yourself some of the details of his actions. Based on the studies of more than … Continue reading

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