I’m Going to Miss Some of Jacksonville

Caleb calls me this morning with good and bad news. I still have mixed views on both; the bad being we can’t go to Tobago because he will be in school; and the good that we are moving to San Diego on March 12. What?! I’m not ready; I’ve been busy procrastinating things that will need to be done. The Navy is shorting Caleb on his shore duty but we both have enjoyed our time here and it’s our turn to move on.

After this distraughtful yet exciting news I needed a bike ride. On my way out I tried to capture a video of a heron fishing but it seems he will only do it while I walk my loud barking dogs. Oh well, off to the beach where the people always seem so friendly to me while I’m on or off my bike. I hope we are able to live this close on the other coast. I ride a bit farther down in hopes of riding my bike on the beach for my return.

The people riding two days ago made it seem super easy. I began to lower my gears and swerve to dry and wet sand and sand with waves washing over trying to find the easy spot. What I found was a few good pictures and some wet shoes. I walked a bit and would give it another try; I found it harder to stand on my bike and pedal, but it made it easier to pedal through the sand. I decided to go back to the road.

I must’ve gone further than I thought and soon didn’t mind being lost. I took roads to their ends and then went left or right until I hit a two-lane road with no room for bikes. I knew all I had to do was turn around and I would recognize something eventually. I still like getting lost; it’s a great way to learn an area, and I will be doing plenty of it in San Diego. I will drop Caleb off at the park to play Frisbee golf while I attend events tonight.

At Tuesday’s PTA meeting I’d been told about tonight’s Math and Science Fair from 5:30-7:oopm, but had already been invited to a Volunteer Appreciation for Big Brothers, Big Sisters from 5:30-7:30pm. I decided to do both. I showed up at the school to help set up by getting table cloths and drinks ready. There were a lot of kids able to help too. The kids were able to make ice cream in a bag and learn about fossils. I left after making sure everyone had meal tickets and that teachers at the booths had drinks.

The events were only a ten minute drive apart. I arrive and am greeted with a sticker with my name typed on it. I grab some cake and then listen to the CEO finish his speech thanking everyone for doing their part to help and to please tell their friends. I am looking for the person that helped match me to Talidra, Marcena, but she is no where in sight. There are awards and raffles passed out; my number came close twice.

I didn’t want to leave too early, after just getting there, so I thought I would try to talk to someone. Well, a board member, Stephen, decided to start a conversation with me. He asked about how long I’ve participated, what could the company do better, and what I liked about it. It felt awesome to have my opinion listened to. I told him I’ve been a Big Sister for three years, the company already has plenty of resources and helpful measures, and that I loved being able to watch a child learn and grow happily.

We got our picture taken by their photographer so I asked if she would take one with my camera. I got Stephen’s email address to send him the picture and others were starting to leave; it was time for me to go too. I love taking pictures, traveling, making new friends, helping old ones, and learning constantly. Today I got to do it all; it will be days like this that I will miss, but I will never miss Floridian mosquitoes.

There are still good-byes to be said. I need to fill my Vice President for the PTA position. We need to narrow our house search so we can change our address for the third time in a year. Caleb emailed his professor in hopes of finishing his class some how, but the Navy paid for it and they would be the reason he couldn’t finish, but I don’t want problems when we move. There are many to-dos but I look forward to the adventure ahead.

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