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Irritating VS Invigorating

Caleb slept in this morning. I took him to work, had Cheerios, and made overnight oatmeal before having another bowl with pear pieces, while doing some trip planning for Abu Dhabi trying to minimise taxi usage. I read about Ganesh Chaturthi, the … Continue reading

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Good Morning Ramadan

I set my alarm for 4am and then 15 minutes later I was turning the second one off as I made my way outside. The sky went from black to midnight blue. I went down to the beach in Caleb’s … Continue reading

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Keeping the Glass In the Sand

I woke and went back to sleep while Caleb took a shower. I didn’t think that would take 30 minutes but he said I looked so peaceful laying there that he let me sleep. We took the dogs out and … Continue reading

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Day Two at the Brief

I set the alarm early so that I could get online and get some things done before leaving. I ended up taking a shower, emailing Hasan, and checking Facebook. Caleb grabbed his uniform – can’t be worn off base – … Continue reading

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Tea, Beer, and Schnapps

Sherri and Leroy may have gone to bed ‘late’, but they don’t let that stop them from their usual productive early morning rise. This gives them time to spend with each other, petting the dogs, in the shower, and eating … Continue reading

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