Q&A a Day: Are you holding a grudge? About? Nope.

I cut my pinky knuckle on the playground and then bent my nail so hard to give myself a blood blister on the same finger. I thought I would be picking up Uncle Ed after 4 pm on Friday and came home to change for the gym and cash the check I got for selling my books back a month ago.

Good thing Caleb came with me because I started feeling ill and we went to the store to pick up meat and beer and get home with Uncle Ed in the driveway. The men enjoyed sausages and IPAs while I had some medicinal tea and started to sleep on the couch.

We got to the gym on time Saturday morning and I went to the sauna, tried to lift a weight, went back to the sauna and ended up sleeping in the car to wait on Caleb. I took a two hour nap when we got home while he made us brunch.

Uncle Ed was up for hanging out as long as we didn’t walk another 10+ miles, so the men agreed on the USS Midway to spend the afternoon. We spent two hours on board and then walked to Cheesecake Factory for dinner, because I was the one who wanted a slice, but ordered eggs instead.

We went back to our place to walk the dogs and I had some more tea. We went back to Uncle Ed’s room to watch ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ and Ed noticed how entertained I was only ten minutes in. If I’d have known he had Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias on his hard drive as well I would’ve suggested we watch that instead.


waiting in line


coming aboard


historical illustration


chaplain in stateroom


view from the deck


the flight deck

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