Hippy Dippy Pushy Lifty

Q&A: What time did you go to bed last night? I’m not even sure what day it is. I decided to quit my job at the school where my boss doesn’t seem to want me back and I’m down to working Thursdays from 1:20 to 3:30 unless I’m needed there early to make 47 copies of an anatomy manual in 20 minutes — note: can’t be done.


When Caleb was home I would still go to bed with him, relatively, but now I am free to explore the blunders of late night writing, reading, watching and going down the rabbit hole of curiosity without a schedule to guide my day. I managed to get seven hours of shuteye between midnight and my morning workout.

I didn’t feel like putting on pants so I pulled out the yoga mat and weights while Sparky moved to the couch to get more zzz’s. I moved around for 50 minutes and then walked to the kitchen to put banana and avocado skins in the blender with leeks, spinach stems, raspberries, and nut milk. Next time I will use half a banana for less thickness.


I washed away any minuscule droplets of sweat that might have accumulated on my body after a tiring, but not perspiration-inducing, workout so that I could walk to do my civic duties and figured I could bring my lonely blind dog, Sparky, along for his daily intake of exercise and sunshine that we both need.

“Sign on the line. Please lick here. You earned this sticker. I like your dog. Have a wonderful day.” Thank you, kind volunteer, for your assistance. I said hi to Jane and Zach, mom and son, the neighbors down the street, as I passed them with their votes in hand on their way to the polls on this beautiful flip-flop wearing weather day.


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As Is The Custom


Q&A: What should remain as-is? To answer simply, nothing. Life is built on growth and change. It’s what separates the days and memories from blurring into one. I’m editing old posts and adding backdated ones and wonder if some should go unposted for their show of monotony, but for some reason, I felt the need to write them. So up they go with a picture I can find that relates to the story… or it’s just another dog or food photo.

What made today different? I dropped off to a different Goodwill (and my neighbor Claire approved of the process). Sparky wiped his nose (at least that’s what it looked like) on the sheets, so they got washed. He also chewed on a bone and loosened his gum growth, so I put sugar on that when it started to bleed. I wrote a colleague asking for a job referral that she offered since my situation is left in uncertainty.

What made today the same? I had three meals and a snack. I talked with my husband and my father. I walked Sparky twice and enjoyed the cloudy sunset, even if it is too early. I cleaned up (or rearranged things making them harder to find but nicer to look at) and watched Ryan, the neighbor, play with Sparky and his turtle. I set out to do one thing and got easily distracted by another but eventually got them both done.

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Breakfast Backyard

Q&A: Today you made: food, holes, weeds, and dirt disappear.


I made Caleb happy by waking up when he returned with Sparky from their early morning walk in the fog since the dog didn’t want to sleep. Caleb chose the Breakfast Republic in Liberty Station for our dining option near the airport so we could use 30-minute parking for almost an hour to try the peach chai kombucha and the house-made cold brew coffee with our food at a table near the door in 59* weather.


Instagram ready — mushroom benny

I take the ice from my flavored drink and put it in my water because it feels like my gums are burning. I think straws and ice should be optional in all drinks. Caleb says his coffee tastes burnt, but that he likes the coffee ice cubes so his caffeine doesn’t get watered down. Cooking tastier, and cheaper, meals at home often makes us more critical of what we eat in a restaurant.


being cocky

My pesto could’ve had more garlic and my muffin been more toasted, but we agreed that their ketchup with no added sugar and a little spicy touch was delicious. I feel bad leaving potatoes on my plate but I know they won’t be good later. We leave as the line gets longer so it’s a good thing we got there near opening time. I drop Caleb off for his flight to Alabama and go home to work in the yard in flip-flops.


I clean up the termite infested wood, rake up tree parts, fill in gopher holes, pull up weeds, and spray the dirt off the driveway — with an intermission from Russ, a friend from the gym, who was on his way to 7-Eleven. We talked a while and I got to see his swap meet haul while I stood there with a broom in hand. Back to the yard and I leave the palm uncut, the bench unsanded, and the lounger cover unwashed.


when he sets his best friend up to watch him sleep

I walk Sparky in my dusty clothes and dirty feet. After my shower, we can play with his turtle in-between me cleaning and reading while my computer updates. Caleb lands without issue as the sun is long gone by 5:30 and the fog setting in thick. I will spend the evening in shorts and wool socks writing, editing, reading, and sipping on charred ginger syrup from Dallas, Texas.

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Holding Small Things

Q&A: When did you last hold a baby? The youngest child I’ve held in the last year turned three in September before he moved across the US to Florida.


I bought plane tickets to Florida today so I can go diving for three days in Clearwater with Caleb in a few weeks and use his hotel points from work to upgrade our stay.

We picked up other Kaleb, a fellow chief who worked with Caleb, who is in port this weekend and took him for a bacon flight and drunken drama downtown. The bacon comes on a cutting board in the shape of a pig and the drunks stumbled back and forth, falling into the street from scooters, a bike, and each other until they made it across to wait for the party bus; not the police that showed up.

We all ordered something to eat, but I was having trouble deciding from the brunch menu so I asked the waitress to help me choose between two dishes. She told me that, “well, one is healthy and the other is not.” I obviously went with the healthy option though I’d have chosen the latter one had she said healthy versus delicious.

The Deftones are performing tonight and we found this out after trying to park in a nearby lot and being asked to pay $35. We found street parking four car lengths away for $1.35 for two hours. We would finish our restaurant shenanigans after moving tables towards more shade and then wait for one of Kaleb’s coworkers to walk up so we could deliver them to a friend’s house for the evening.

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Feeling Expensive

Q&A: What’s your biggest expense right now? Monthly rent on a 752 sq. ft. two-bedroom house at 0.8 miles from the beach, then the 2016 Mazda 3 in the driveway. Our electric bill has a credit this month and our upgraded fridge and washer are using less energy than the old appliances last year.



part of I Dance (I)


We stood in the kitchen this morning as we prepared our breakfast — toasting soft waffles, spreading the thickest almond butter, scooping on cold cottage cheese, and adding a juicy grape to some bites to appreciate the different temperatures and textures of the meal that are combining in my mouth; Caleb is thinking food, and eats it.

Some of Caleb’s coworkers wanted to disc golf at 9 am but went to work instead, so we took Sparky. This reminded me that I had bags of toothpaste/brushes and floss in the car that was supposed to be used in the candy buyback program after Halloween, but since I no longer work there I will at least drop the box off at the school.

I left man and dog in the car while I carried two boxes through a lock-broken front door. I set one down and quickly delivered to the 1st grade and Kinder rooms, the students jumping up from their activities because they noticed me, and wanted to know what I had brought them, for some reason thinking it was cell phones.

I grabbed the second box and got hugs from the 2nd grade class before going to 4th to interrupt their teacher reading to them, then the 5th grade class with a substitute and a student telling me that my boss told them that I went to a different school (answers the question that I no longer work there), and then to 3rd grade with another substitute and a relentless child wanting to know where I’ve been for three weeks.

I left his question unanswered as I quietly yelled Happy Halloween, left the four extra bags downstairs, and waved bye to the nurse before taking the chance that the principal might come out of her office. I will drop off the rest of the supplies in my car on Monday and then let the teachers know that I haven’t been on a lengthy vacation in the middle of school. Some of the students and staff miss me and I do miss them.



Caleb throwing on Hole 4


I run back to the car and Caleb doesn’t want to talk about it. He thinks ghosting is something teenagers do because they don’t know better and I agree. People in leadership positions should be better at setting an example of how things are done properly instead of acting like a child when the situation affects more than just themselves and their inconsiderate outlook on the state of the circumstances.

I got Caleb to Morley Field and he got to play through the stoners lost in conversation on a few holes and Sparky got his bits smelled by another dog. I suppose he might miss that mid-meal action he used to get from Piggy.

I finished a book, I am an Emotional Creature, by Eve Ensler, inspired by girls from around the world and want to find the words to share their condition so that those more fortunate will jump to immediate action, but that’s not how change happens.

Sparky takes his mid-afternoon aggressions out on an old bone while Caleb tilts his head to the side for a nap. I edit another post for the third time before going to the shelf of books to take one outside to enjoy the sounds of airplanes above, cars driving by, and the wind blowing through the palm leaves on a Friday afternoon while I read about passion.

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