Haiku Happenings

Q&A: Write a haiku about your day.

Morning errands ran
Helped husband prepare dinner
Sparky toy turtle


morning view

Arrive to Hawking school to drop off Heart Hero bracelets to three students
Delivered thank you card to Children’s Primary Dental in Chula Vista
Gave boss more stickers for kids to color from American Heart Association


barley, carrot, green onion, peas, leeks, spinach

Went shopping for mascara and a swimsuit with Fallon
Caleb and I went with Fallon to Panera Bread in Coronado
Made barley and spinach with carrots for dinner


Sparky and Spot

Caleb baked pumpkin pies and mac-n-cheese cups
We drove to store for puff pastry dough
Sparky gets turtle that squeaks, honks, and crinkles

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2 Responses to Haiku Happenings

  1. Chester Hendrix says:

    Enjoy Big Fun thing.
    Proper bellylaugh for me!
    Satisfaction – yes…


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