Troubled Timing Tuesday

Q&A: oh wait, I forgot to grab that too.


hello from the other car


wet, scrub, dry

I swore I was in bed asleep by 10:30, but my sleep via heart rate monitor says it wasn’t until after midnight which explains why I slept through my gym time this morning.


pasta bowl

I was doing dishes when Caleb got home and sent him walking so I could pack for our one and a half day trip, but managed to waste that time too.


Everyone is welcome at the beach.


He took a shower, grabbed his shoes, and was ready to go. I grabbed my phone and laptop and patted Sparky goodbye.


pier view


when you teach a hawk to fish

We are 75 minutes, or 114 miles roundtrip, away from the house when Caleb asks if I remembered to grab the tickets off the fridge.


He already knew the answer and took the next exit. I grabbed the tickets, went pee, and pet the dog again before we were on the road by 3p.


He was doing the driving while I was doing the reading. We finished chapter 8 before he was ready for me to take the driver’s seat.


a heated pool would make more sense

I took us to Newport Beach to eat dinner in the car, get dessert on the boardwalk, and watch the sunset with the breeze.


local artist

No swimsuits for the heated pool and no appetite for the free cookies means getting to read under this awesome lamp that I want to take home.


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