Distinguished Drinks


drinking in the daylight

Q&A: What famous living person would you want to meet for drinks? This is a tough question. My first thought was Stephen King so he could sign my first edition IT novel and the old one that my mother held in one arm while she held me in the other, but then there are so many other influencers — bloggers, authors, and Ted talkers too.

Caleb’s decision was easy. He would meet Shakira — the professional Colombian singer/songwriter (hip shaker) for the possibility of her dancing in the same room as him. Otherwise, he listed a few dead guys that would be cool to talk to about engineering and get matching tattoos — last part was my idea.

In the past I’ve answered this question with: serial killer, BDSM fanatic, drug lord, a president, the Pope, or Oprah (while Mom was here). Someone who thinks differently, has made a positive or educational influence, or just a person who likes drinking hot cocoa on a cold night under the stars.

Who would you drink with, and what beverage would you choose?

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1 Response to Distinguished Drinks

  1. Chester Hendrix says:

    Joseph Smith, without a doubt. Though our ‘drinks’ wouldn’t be what you’re thinking… 😉


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