Hump Day Valuables


… in a glass bowl

Q&A: What’s the most valuable thing you own? My life, because without it everything else is meaningless. For cash value: car, bed, ring, camera, phone, and dive computer. Sentimental value: purple rabbit mirror from Dad for my 5th anniversary, a snow globe that was Mom’s, and my national park passport (164 stamps) with Caleb.

Caleb would choose three paintings: one I got in Las Vegas without him, the second we got in San Francisco and gave a guy money to feed his dogs and have him take our picture with them, and the third was made during a Blue Man Group show in Orlando after scalping our tickets for Warped Tour in the parking lot.

We both agree that it’s not our lives, but what we do with them that counts. We have done a good job of making memories and documenting them via blog, Instagram, dive log, passport, and photos. Our memories are valuable as we continue to move forward together having no idea what the future brings.

Future me would feel bad if I look back on this post and hadn’t written about our last surviving dog who is currently curled up in Piggy’s bed snoring in the corner. We still need to donate the rest of her things to the shelter so they don’t sit here and collect dust. The value of life comes in our daily routines — words, actions, love, and memories.

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