Credit Puck


entering the Valley View Casino Center

Q&A: What was your last credit card purchase? A large veggie pizza from Round Table for some pre-hockey dinner that came with free garlic parmesan twists. Today’s other purchase was Jarlsberg and mango habanero Gouda with rye bread grilled for lunch.


going up to our seats

We bought discount tickets ($13 each) to see the San Diego Gulls vs Milwaukee Admirals two days ago and got side-rink seats and a free parking pass (complimentary of Caleb’s coworker) saving us $15.


kids on the ice during first intermission

I got a blister on my toe today at the gym and left early and Caleb had already beaten me home. He made me coffee (to dip a chocolate chip cookie in) and eggs with little yellow tomatoes and a zucchini.

I worked on a draft for two hours before taking my post-gym shower and washing Sparky, since he hadn’t been cleaned in a month. I will be posting some pictures to Flickr and was able to publish it while Caleb talked with his sister.


squad goals

Even though today marks one week that I haven’t been allowed on school grounds I still went to the Staff Social at Fern Side. Luckily the principal wasn’t there, but some kind and concerned teachers and my boss.

I told Caleb it would be a quick exchange, but I gave the thank you card back (for Children’s Primary Dental) so that a calligraphy message could be written inside too and then stayed to help eat waffle fries properly peppered.


view from my seat

This gave him time to talk with his Uncle Ed and his brother, one of which will be coming to San Diego in December. We parked with two hours to spare, had dinner across the street, and got to our seats 30 minutes early.


when people leave early

There was a gloves-off boxing match within the first 20 minutes; and the last two goals scored in the last four minutes (4-2 Gulls), which is when we’d decided to leave to get ahead of all the $2 beer four-fisting (two drinks in each hand) individuals.


guys in action with a stick on the ice

Things I don’t remember from the last game we went to: guests on the Zamboni, cheerleaders clear the snow in the rink, laser light shows with the crowd wearing flashing bracelets, and a chuck-a-puck event to win prizes.

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2 Responses to Credit Puck

  1. I don’t have a team, but I’m glad you two were able to pair nicely together!


  2. Chester Hendrix says:

    We didn’t know you kids like hockey! Do you have a favorite pro team? We’re VANCOUVER CANUCKS fans. It’s been a sweet ride – Pam gave me the CANUCKS and I introduced her to the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS [we really like the NW totem animal teams]. It’s been a match made in heaven – we watch all the games together and have a great time!


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