Art in Dreams

Q&A a Day: Which art movement best describes you today? Surrealist automatism; at least that’s what I’m going to write about instead of how I spent my day with a few hours of lost productivity; mostly sweating, shopping for food, and staring at papers to grade.

You make my world go round,
I want to be your ballerina
and when the sun goes down,
the only fish in your marina.

You make my clouds wet,
forever I am in your debt.
You make me laugh every day,
I never want to stop feeling this way.

Only you have opened the door,
it’s only to you I want to show more.
You color me like pastry,
something we are but can’t see.

I search for you in my dreams,
I remember you every day.
At night when I think about you,
my body smiles lips to shoe.

One leaf of my desire,
you keep me going higher.
My branches only grow so much,
till your absence turns me to mush.

Back to the ground I must return,
waiting for your ashes to burn.
One day again I will rise,
and you will not block my skies.

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