Q&A a Day: Today you needed more… hugs and high fives.


I got on the stair climber for the first time in three months and only lost a minute and a half off my time; and had a great workout on the bosu (BOth Sides Up) ball. I had an enjoyable breakfast full of eggs, puppies, sunshine, and conversation before getting to work and being a soccer coach during recess and a kickball coach before going inside to learn about the spine and balance of 9 and 10 year olds.

I went to my ortho appointment at 3:05, read for a bit in an empty waiting room, got my x-ray that shows improvement, and was told to move forward with pain as my guide (but to wait to run for another month and to dive this summer). My foot will continue to change colors and swell a bit, but I don’t have a follow-up scheduled and now I can go paddle boarding.

I had another heavy dinner and will continue to digest it as I finish my second book for January and get through the last 40 of the 500 page book (with lots of websites and further reading to distract me along the way) for a total of three books this month. I’ve also accomplished: walking the dogs 24 days, doubling my water intake, blogging every day, and getting to a 21 day streak on my language learning app.

The hugs and the high fives are from the kids; some ask, some tell, and some just take. Others like to turn it into a competition and I love anything positive, so of course I encourage it. I had a girl today ask to hear me laugh (of which I have many to choose from depending on the mood) and I told her to tell me a joke, but she didn’t have the chance before I was giggling at something.

What’s something more you needed in your life today?

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