Home Is Where I Sleep

Q&A a Day: How do you describe home? The old busted place on the corner.


When we first moved here in 2012 this place was bigger than we needed, but we had a yard, neighbors, and the beach to keep us busy. We moved to the corner house again in 2016, after a two-year absence, and the floor was water damaged and the yard neglected. The neighbor we liked has passed on, but in his place we have friended a whole family; one whom I played hide-and-seek with and then rode to buy stress chips with.

We live in a two-bedroom house with a single-car garage and a driveway through the backyard. We have two cars, one boat, a grill, a lounge chair, and a dining set outside. The garage houses my bike and paddle board and most of Caleb’s things, minus his clothes. I used to sit in the back bedroom with a view of the backyard, but my blind dogs don’t like being out there as often, so I sit in the living room now (more light too).

The house was built in the 40s, so the kitchen could use some work, but we still have more space than we need otherwise. We haven’t finished hanging our art on the walls, lost a shelf we used to display knickknacks; and left two cabinets, two metal shelves, two desks, a bookshelf, and a free treadmill in Bahrain. We’ve been able to redecorate with new and used furniture, and new trinkets full of memories.

We live less than a mile from the beach and have started growing grass again, but the gophers won’t go away, so the yard is a landmine of holes and tunnels, along with weeds that never end. We lost our pine tree and the neighbor wants the palm downed too so they can rebuild the fence and install a pool. This “home” works fine for us now, but it feels less so, returning to a place as a different person.

I look forward to moving on, and if we do find ourselves in one of the same cities again, I will remember to find a different place, and one that feels more cozy than this one… just now realizing: for someone who likes to get rid of things, I like to be surrounded by them as well. This place felt better last time because I had a corner desk with a bunch of art on the walls and a bookshelf on either side, under and along the side windows.

Home is where I sleep, where I pay bills, where I keep most of my belongings, where I can close the door. Home is where my dogs live and where I’m guaranteed to see my husband. Home is also where people come bothering you in the middle of the day with stupid fliers or bring you treats. Home can be a hiding place or a gathering space. Home is what you make of it and I’m blessed with the one I have and the hearts inside it.

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