Q&A a Day: What are you looking forward to? A very bright future.

I have the gym, work, husband, puppies, and of course food to look forward to tomorrow.

Caleb’s workout got interrupted, his waffles turned into our pancakes, and our dinner into marinading it tonight and enjoying leftovers instead.


quinoa, tempeh, and beet salad

I’ve got classes starting on the 29th and graduation to look forward to at the end of May. Then I will take my certification test for Personal Trainer and attend the IDEA World Convention 2018 in San Diego.

I plan on applying for a job at a local school or on base and maybe teach one of their weekend classes (once I get more training). I will do that until Caleb gets out of the navy in October 2023 and then we will take his much-needed vacation (beard growing break) before we figure out the rest of our lives… to include hiking, travel, and diving.

Then we possibly become dive instructors and live in awesome places and take people to the bottom of the ocean in exchange for their money.


my family afternoon

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