Things To Be Thankful For

In no particular order


dinner on USS Dextrous

By: Jessica

  1. people who feed me
  2. the water delivery men
  3. Caleb’s pay check
  4. long hot showers
  5. constant A/C
  6. dog hair on marble floors 
  7. streets that don’t burn my feet
  8. cheap petrol
  9. learning Arabic


    hugs in Amwaj

  10. living close to the beach
  11. a dad that calls
  12. an uncle that texts
  13. a mom that messages
  14. being unemployed
  15. my iPhone camera
  16. friends who love to laugh
  17. coffee and whipped cream
  18. a husband that bakes


    Adliya art installation

  19. a beautiful world to explore
  20. the sun and clouds
  21. chocolate
  22. people’s curiosity
  23. dog breath in the morning
  24. YouTube
  25. lost in translation (language barriers)
  26. awesome apps (messaging maps)
  27. a warm bed 

By: Caleb


sleeping staring contest

  1. relationship with wife
  2. job that affords us hobbies
  3. puppies not being complete assholes
  4. family being helpful and supportive
  5. wife
  6. Sparky’s feet smelling like corn chips and not poo


    holiday haircut

Caleb got the day off, so instead of getting up at 6a, we stayed in bed till 10am. We went to breakfast at Le Chocolat, went home, and then went to get holiday massages at Coral Bay since Le Fontaine stops accepting people at 5:30 and we got there at 5:45. We got an hour Swedish massage in the same room and it was great, but I still need my neck and back adjusted. 

We met Kate at Seef Mall, had dinner at Papadom (I ate too much of the buffet), and then bought her some flip-flops before parting ways at 10:30. I was going to join the guys at the cafe (they were out till 2a) but stayed home and joined Caleb in bed at 11pm. 

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