JJ Needs Soap


mall haul (some of it)

Caleb and I met Julie on base at 11am to go by the game store and buy candles, but they were expensive. Caleb bought car cleaning supplies and Julie went home. We walked down Shabab Ave. (American Alley) to Mega Mart to buy me some sunglasses and went to Caribou Coffee at noon for drinks and croissants and sat there while I downloaded an app and waited for the rain to calm down. We walked back to the car together (unlike when Caleb runs to the car to get it closer to me). 


15th Anniversary

We went to City Centre at 1:35 where we spent the afternoon buying candles at Home Centre, lotions and soap at Bath & Body Works, and I got a free bag with more stuff in it that I’m about to go upstairs and use. We stopped at Caribou again at 3:45 and ordered more drinks and veggie cheese sandwiches and sat next to a couple that was able to use another language to maintain their privacy. 


Alok and Jo

We watched the sunset from the car on our way to Lulu’s where we would buy a mop bucket for Caleb. He finished mopping the floor when we got home. I’m going to get ready to go out and meet the guys at JJ’s Irish Restaurant. I have to be home tonight as Caleb has duty tomorrow. 


Ahmed (from Morocco), Jo, Peter, Alok, Princess, and friend

I was ready to go by 7:20 and by 8p I was upstairs waiting on the guys. Ezza and her friend left as Alok and I got there. I went upstairs to look for Tarik (because Ezza said she might’ve seen him) and a different one ended up buying me Jameson with ginger and lime. I sipped on that until I was needed downstairs to escort guys from Saudi in. Ali bought me a Heineken and I played pool with Jo, Whe, and Sunshine. 


Jo, Sunshine, Doc, and Ali

Peter showed up at 9:30 and bought me a strong drink (tasted like a long island) and I met Princess and Ahmed (from Egypt). Doc was there, and two of Princess’s girl friends were there for a while. I played pool with military guys, a group from Germany, and a cowboy from Texas with his friend. We decided to go downstairs at 11pm and join the dance crowd. 


There were bodies everywhere. Ali introduced me to Ebo and his friend and Alok got touchy with me and Sunshine again. Then another guy grabbed my hands and we spun and jumped around. Back upstairs at 12:15 and we are adding stools to the table. Ali tried picking up Ahmed and then we went to Honey’s Thai Restaurant at 1:30 – Ali, Ahmed, me, and the cowboy that works at Schlumberger in Saudi (same company as Ali) to eat crab, chicken, beef (no pork for Ahmed), mixed fried rice, and some noodle soup something.


Mel Gibson, Ali, employee, Cowboy, Ahmed (from Egypt)

I sat there for over 20 minutes alone waiting on the guys to return from the ATM. Cowboy had an issue with his Saudi card, but they were able to get it figured out and help pay the 18 dinar ($51.32) bill for four. Cowboy was fine walking back to his hotel at 3am and I got home in time for Caleb to take the car to work.

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