Cold Fish Construction

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This morning was great – yogurt with strawberries and raisins for breakfast. The girls lay on the couch together with Harry on top and learned about amoebas. We said our goodbyes as soon as Jake got home. Then we went by Robert’s and then Jessi’s work – both hoping we will come back soon. Glacier National Park is three hours away and we arrive at 1:00 pm.

Part of Going To The Sun Road is closed due to construction – Avalanche to Logan’s Pass. There is no snow on the ground and no glaciers in sight, but their streams can be seen coming down the mountains. Dogs are not allowed on the trails so we go on without them. There is so much to see here and this place is nothing like I expected. We hike a few trails but will see no bears today.

We are camped at Apgar’s winter sight for the night. We are by the lake and the view is spectacular. There are fish eating and I see a small bird fishing. Mac-n-cheese with olives for dinner. The temp is 49 and I have my gloves on. We are prepared for the cold night ahead. Perhaps some star-gazing and then breakfast on the beach while we watch the sunrise.

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