An Ox Does Yoga

Caleb watched the girls this morning while I went back to sleep for a while. Then we took turns taking showers. We had a slow morning and when Jake got home we went to the store for dog food and the Staggering Ox for sandwiches – a Rabbit Habit and a Broken Heart, and brought back bread guts for the girls.

I dropped Caleb off at his dad’s at 4:30 pm, picked up Jessi from work, and we went to a yoga class together. Brian, the instructor, directed his 12 students in our breathing and positioning. I listened to his voice, the music he selected, the music from the gym below – we were on the second floor, and my thoughts.The stretches were great and different poses available for the newbie to expert level. The class was 75 minutes long – long enough to make us both hungry.

Back at home we made chicken salad with the chicken on the side and had rice chips with jalapeño hummus. Tonight’s drink of choice was lemon shandy and a peach lager – I knocked mine over. I helped with dishes, got the baby dragons dressed for bed, and then read Sammi four bedtime stories. One book had a puzzle on every other page and another had a poster with one million stars.

The dogs had another long day of playing with the girls – they got pet, dressed, chased, and fed. Sparky played fetch with lots of toys and gave the kitty his space. Both dogs behaved so well with all the opportunities not to and earned some peanut butter-cheese biscuits. We talked for a while longer not wanting the night to end knowing that we are leaving in the morning – after we watch the girls because grandpa is feeling sick.

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