I woke up this morning with a chill upon my face,
And with my tired husband headed to the cafe.

The sun was slowly rising as we chose what to eat,
As others settled with their coffee, we sipped our tea.

I spent all morning with my hair in a brush,
Only to trip on the sidewalk into a shrub.

We go to a farm stand and don’t want to seem cheap,
But all they have to offer is a little, yellow peach.

I bought loaves of bread on a crate,
And ate them all without leaving a trace.

We come home in the afternoon to walk the dogs,
And they won’t let us forget to treat them like gods.

Getting leashes on my dogs seems like a race,
But once they are ready they haven’t a care.

A knock at our door by suited salesmen,
Selling products that shall remain nameless.

My mom calls to talk, so I listen,
Sometimes she thinks I’m too silent.

I once spent my time looking for a mate,
I look no longer because we’re a team.

We’ve been together awhile, we’ve been an item,
After we wed we have nothing but time.

I went to the cupboard for clean cooking pots,
But it seems each one was left with a spot.

I rushed to the car and adjusted my seat,
The sun is setting and we’re heading east.

I got a water and added a lemon,
He got a beer and added a melon.

If you piss off the waiters in your food they will spit,
But not a smile will be had if you forget their tips.

I study the arts,
To feel like a star.

I got this book from the library as a dare,
And some of the quotes are funny to read.

Some heroes are good and some evil,
I find the best are the ones that live.

The ship may soon call taps,
But bedtime has been long past.

I may not have a magic wand,
But I can watch every dawn.

You may not know who,
But I know how.

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