Easy Route

Caleb had to work yesterday. He rode his bike home this morning by 7:30. We went to the store for more bananas and some superglue for his sunglasses. Last time out, the temperature was around 72 degrees. This morning we were looking at 52; I put on my compression pants, Capri pants, long sleeve compression shirt, sweater, and hat. My chin was the coldest part but luckily the wind took it easy on us; not that we needed it.

I easily made it past mile 23 and could have gone farther today, or so I think now because my legs aren’t tired. We rode slow, 9-mph, and still made it in three hours. We didn’t take as many pictures today and the cows thought it was cold too so we didn’t see much of them. We passed some people on roller blades and would’ve got passed twice by another cyclist but he got held up by just one of the many trains running the tracks today.

This ride puts me at 63 miles for my annual mileage, so far, and only 688 calories today. We agreed on pizza as today’s treat and forgot about football so we got our order to-go. I ate a slice while we caught up on some grocery shopping too. We only brought two bags and had lots of stuff but only one tomato got cut; it will be fine. Caleb said we might have company on our next ride; I hope they’re good at goofy bike poses too.

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