Music is Noise

Or is some noise music, some mother nature, and the rest an annoyance invented by people. All cultures have their own definition of music, but most will agree that instruments (sticks, stones, strings, pots & pans) be used with or without the accompaniment of voice in a pleasing manner.

As a baby I listened to Foetus Interruptus. When I got older I was gifted with a little white hand-held radio that I used to listen to the classical station every night in bed. Growing up we always listened to country music in the car – no matter what. As I started middle school I heard alternative music. As a high schooler I would find angry rappers to listen to. Some of the bands were Pink Floyd, Rob Zombie, Eminem, Ja-Rule. I took a classical pause.

My Dad introduced me to Hindi music and before I was 21 I heard German bands, metal, jazz, and hip-hop. Since, I’ve been introduced to medieval and dubstep – also by my Dad. I am back to listening to classical and don’t know how I did without. I also have a new-found love for Enya, Madonna, ABBA, and the song Mahna Mahna. My Dad also gifted me iTunes with Chinese, electronic, bluegrass, and Hawaiian. Thanks Dad!

My music collection started out with some tapes (you know, those little plastic rectangular things with two holes in them) that were mostly Disney. Then I started a CD collection to go with the Walkman I got for Christmas one year. CDs took a long time to acquire as a child; being they were $20 a piece. One day, I looked at my collection and had over 150 CDs. They consisted of Korn, Outkast, Disturbed, No Doubt, ICP, and Marilyn Manson.

Since high school I’ve been given The All-American Rejects, Shinedown, Modest Mouse, Rob Zombie, Ingrid Michaelson, No One, Five.Bolt.Main, A Perfect Circle, and a bunch of mixed CDs. I was fine with putting these on my laptop so I could reduce space and then my laptop got stolen. I was grateful to still have the music that has been through the stages of my life. I am putting all my CDs on my computer now and will be saying goodbye.

I no longer want to listen to angry music; I have no need for it and don’t want to be reminded of a time when I think I did. I am grateful that there is music out there that can reach every soul in every culture. I appreciate the music I have listened to, enjoy the music I hear today, and my ears are listening for what the future will bring. I like to sing along sometimes but mostly I like hearing how pretty languages I don’t know sound.

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