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Light Painting – Woo Hoo!

I used my tennis shoes on my coffee table giving me a distance of three feet. I took what I learned from YouTube videos – no distracting outside light, lowest ISO setting, close aperture, and put camera on BULB setting … Continue reading

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Empty Mailbox

Neighbors, whether 4 feet or 40 miles away, don’t want to live with them and can’t stand to live next to them. At least when they exhibit the behavior mine do. They live loud, smoky, and surrounded by trash – literally bags … Continue reading

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Happy – Cinco de Enero – To Me

Caleb bought himself a new point-and-shoot camera, that can go underwater, for Christmas; he’s ready to say good-bye to his old film Canon Rebel. In the box is my very first iPod; 11 years after the first one came out. … Continue reading

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Digital Diving

A year ago my Dad gifted me an old Canon XSi DSLR after watching my growing interest to take half-decent photos. After a solid year of shooting, I still consider myself a novice. After some months of practice with the camera, that … Continue reading

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