Items in My Purse

Growing up I liked the idea of a purse. My first one was a red floral backpack with binoculars, silly putty, card game, crayons and other items deemed important by a 10-yr old. I would get a few other purses but never use them. Then for Senior Prom I got a shiny black purse with pink where the tongue would be on a shoe with laces; it went with my outfit. There was a brush, nail polish, mascara, mirror, driver’s license and keys inside.

I wouldn’t get another purse until I spotted a black cloth one with unicorns and rainbows on it a few years later – I love rainbows! This purse will carry my third wallet. The first was of jean material and left on a gas pump by my future husband. The second one was a light blue color with a frog on it that he bought as a replacement. I made sure he felt guilty and then bought my current wallet. It is long and white and full of space.

In my unicorn purse I will carry my first credit card, the keys to my fifth car, a flask (nothing to do with the number of cars), an umbrella, a book, and other miscellaneous items that girls carry around while celebrating the first years of their twenties. I will eventually send the unicorns packing when I find a red plastic purse with hearts all over it in a discount store – I love saving money!

This purse gets the most-used award. I use it as a shopping bag (only after items are paid for), to put leftovers in, as a waterproof case for my camera when caught in the rain, as a place to sneak snacks into a movie theater, and whatever else might come up. I used to envy my mom for always having lotion, tweezers, and nail clippers on hand – these are my most used purse items.

Other items in my purse include: my wallet with cards, cash, receipts, and even pictures of my favorite people; sunglasses – I am now addicted, not so much to style but saving my retina from staring at the sun; a keychain full of store membership cards; band-aids; lip balm – I am no longer into mascara; loose change; notepad; doggy poo-bags; bug-spray – I live in Florida; and my camera when on the go.

This purse is now three years old and the corners are starting to wear. I tried the shoulder bag once but I’m not a big fan. For my next bag I want to be prepared more for cycling as the purse fills my front basket. Perhaps a CamelBak, a reusable bag in panniers, or a cute backpack with an animal on it that can also be used as a pillow. What bags or carrying devices, maybe a red wagon, have gotten you through the different stages in your life?

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1 Response to Items in My Purse

  1. Caleb says:

    I think a dogsled would make a great purse, especially if you are like my mom who carries a loaded .45 caliber handgun with two extra magazines in her purse


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