Farmer’s Friday

Q&A: One word for today. Free


I didn’t sleep much last night, so I tried a nap this morning before going to work early. I got to watch the kindergarteners practice for tonight’s Latin Heritage performance and help decorate before being called back into the principal’s office.

She let me know that a child accused me of poking them in the spinal cord during lunch and another of throwing away food he didn’t want. Since I’m contracted to the school and don’t work for her directly, I’m not allowed on campus during the investigation.

Luckily I caught my boss on the way out and gave him the heads up. He said he’d get to the bottom of it and let me know. I still had to go pick up the donation of toothbrushes, so I did that and thought I’d go paddle boarding. I got changed and opened the garage.

I tried putting the board in and thought I broke my rearview mirror. I laid the seat down and took out the headrests. I flipped it over and tried again, but no luck. So I put on a dress instead and walked down to the beach for two hours to stare at the sun.


I talked with a woman about her broken knee cap and watched the weekly market setup. Caleb beat me home and we went into our backyard chair to talk and nap before I got cold from the breeze and came inside.

We went to the store with a friend and looked for leeks while we were there — no luck. Back home and I take a power nap while I wait for my boss to call with news. Dad is great at being supportive through this drama, and his wife is a big help too!

I message boss and coworker (to apologize for leaving without saying bye) and get a response that the former will call me tomorrow (classic school issues) and that the latter misses me and hopes I come back soon.


Dad loves hearing about all the veggies I eat. Tonight was sriracha tofu on sourdough with avocado, tomato, and onion. I suppose I could’ve added an egg, some brie, or peanut butter of course, but I had a chocolate-coconut-almond cookie for dessert.

Family outing to the beach and the neighbor at the end of the street asked how our other dog was. They are sad she’s gone, but agree it was for the better. It’s easy to walk Sparky past other dogs when he can’t see them and I shorten his leash past all the people.

The sky was more beautiful than I thought it might be because it looked cloudy (which can really spread colors), but the sunset was still an hour away when we left, so we watched it through the trees when we got home. Time for cuddles, cocoa, and chapters.

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2 Responses to Farmer’s Friday

  1. Well you let him know I love him anyway!


  2. John Wise but not really him says:

    NOPE, your dad does not enjoy hearing about your weird veggie fetish where you experiment on the fringe of good taste and exclude all that great animal protein as you go all California-yoga-vegan-hipstress over there in the land of fruits and nuts. BTW, this is not your dad, just some guy speaking for him.


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