Irritating VS Invigorating

Sparky enjoying the shade in the afternoon

Sparky enjoying the shade in the afternoon

Caleb slept in this morning. I took him to work, had Cheerios, and made overnight oatmeal before having another bowl with pear pieces, while doing some trip planning for Abu Dhabi trying to minimise taxi usage. I read about Ganesh Chaturthi, the Dragster Xperience at Bahrain International Circuit, and Bo Stern’s opinion on the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

I took a nap from 2:30 to 4pm, after eating leftover coconut curry for lunch. This gave me the energy needed to rinse the chunks of desert off the windshield, only making the rest of the car look worse, so I splashed some water on it for that dripping dirt look, then watered the two plants – one providing shade and the other dying on the ground.

Took the dogs out and was feeling motivated to work out. I went upstairs, grabbed my exercise clothes, and then remembered that the power upstairs wasn’t working yesterday. I plugged in the treadmill and still no juice, so I will have to wait for Kamal for that, but I don’t have to wait on him to ride my bike around Amwaj Islands – twice in 30 minutes.

When the sand is blowing in my face it’s irritating, but when the wind is cooling me off it’s invigorating. With just my bike it was hard to tell time, but I found two people who had their phones when I finished a lap. I brought my lights with me, but the front one is loose and the street lights bright enough and traffic light enough that it wasn’t an issue.

Sparky feeling like people while Caleb is gone

Sparky feeling like people while Caleb is gone

I got honked at once or twice, and not for lane obstruction. I had another car drive slowly behind me for a block before passing safely. The lanes here are wide enough to give me 2 to 3 feet of space. Some go out of their way to go around, like I do sometimes, but others are more likely to stay in the lane – and I’m fine with that. I don’t want them trying to pass and getting in a head-on collision next to me.

Back home at 7:30 and I debate jumping in the canal, but the water is still warm. Upstairs for a cold shower that feels amazing. Today was slack, but tomorrow I will be busy with laundry and scrubbing porcelain and marble.

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  1. Caleb says:

    He thinks he’s people even when I am there


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