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Shopping for Laughs

Caleb has the day off and tries waking me at 8am – at least one of us is sleeping in. I don’t budge until he goes downstairs to do dishes and then lay in bed while I listen to him sew. … Continue reading

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Celebrating Ganesh

I got home late and I think the cleaning took longer than I realised. The dogs might’ve been hungry when we laid down, but I wasn’t getting back up. I’d had four long exciting days and needed some rest. A … Continue reading

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Caleb’s Birthday In Bahrain

  5:15 came early again this morning, so I went back to sleep. Caleb woke me up and walked the dogs while I got ready. He grabbed his bag of work stuff to put in his locker on the boat … Continue reading

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Our Second Weekend Starts

Last night we went to bed at 9pm. I got some good sleep before Miley Cyrus came blasting through our window at 3am. Let me clarify – it was her song Wrecking Ball, not her pulling off some Kool-Aid Man … Continue reading

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