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Just a Piece

We get to see horses on our morning walk and Caleb video calls to show us the electrodes he’s worn since last night that will stay on his head until his last nap (mandatory 15-minute sessions of lying down in … Continue reading

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On the Winged Stallion to the Land of The Turks

I had a dual birthday party to attend – drink homemade wine, pose for flower-framed photos, write a message in their memory book, hold the baby, post a picture to Instagram, and eat two plates of food in prep for … Continue reading

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An Adventure Is a Wish Your Feet Take

We decided to sleep in, hitting snooze on my alarm, and going back to sleep for thirty minutes. We were ready to go by 7 am. I didn’t feel like a shower, and even put on the same skirt, and skipped … Continue reading

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The First Day of Eid-Fitr

Set my alarm for 45 minutes so my nap would match the dryer and woke up five minutes prior just to take wet clothes out. Lesson learned: don’t set the dryer for 30 minutes when clothes still come out moist … Continue reading

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A Morning Off

Caleb told work that his housing appointment was at 8am, but it’s actually at noon. They want him back to work at one. This gave us both the opportunity to sleep in. I woke at 7:30 feeling like it was 10 … Continue reading

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