Baking After Dark

I was invited to a baking party and was looking forward to sweets. I walked the 50 minutes there and found Frank and Azazel’s place in Segaya where they’ve lived for about a year now. There was some construction going on that would leave us eating the fresh baked savory items along with gathered cheese and homemade wine by candlelight. I got to catch up with Chris, remeet an older couple who are moving to Amwaj and a younger couple with their daughter who has just started teething.

We spoke about work (mostly teachers and a retired contractor) as well as what we’ve been up to since we last saw each other over three years ago. We talked about who we knew then, especially Tony who recently moved to Poland, and all the marriages in between, such as Eric and Wasan that the guys hadn’t seen since April — that would change with a BBQ invite to her place in A’Ali the next week where I would meet S’mores her Lhasa Apso puppy along with her version of the treat — a McVitie’s digestive, three Cadbury squares, and three marshmallows — pink, white, and burnt.

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